When can I start treatment?

Provided that you are having treatment involving the use of your own eggs and sperm there is currently no waiting list. Once the necessary investigations are complete, treatment can usually begin immediately.

What is considered day one of the period?

Day one of the period is considered to be the day of the full flow period. Spotting or a light brownish, pinkish or reddish discharge or flow is not considered to be the period. Should the full flow start after 2pm then the next day should be considered day one. If you are unsure, please contact a member of the nursing staff.

It is day one, what shall I do?

This depends largely on where you are in your treatment. If you have been given a treatment protocol please let the receptionist know what it is (for example IUI with Clomid, OST) and they will be able to book the next appointment for you. It is very important to read and follow the directions on the information packs and protocols that are given to you.

Who shall I speak to regarding my blood and/or semen analysis results?

Blood test results that require an interpretation need to be discussed with your doctor. (e.g. OST, AMH, semen analysis) Nurses can give out basic blood and swab results (e.g. HIV, Chlamydia etc) If you are booked in for a follow-up with your doctor, the results of the blood/swab/semen analysis will be discussed at this point.

How long will one round of IVF take?

You can complete one cycle of IVF in around six to eight weeks from start to finish. There are usually around 11 or 12 visits involved. Some patients prefer to divide the treatment over two or three months depending on their other commitments

How long do I need to take my nasal spray for?

The first thing to do is look at the protocol that you were given with your dates when you attended for dummy embryo transfer and HyCoSy. On the second page under the heading Buserilin/Nasal Spray it will give you instructions. If you have misplaced your protocol or cannot remember what protocol you have been assigned, please contact a member of nursing staff.

Can I get my medication from alternative sources?

Yes. Please ensure that you have been given a full prescription well in advance of commencement of stimulation.

When do I take a pregnancy test?

A urine pregnancy test is done at home 16 days after the procedure. Day one is considered to be the day of the procedure. If the urine test is positive please book a blood test appointment with the nurses to check the levels of Beta HCG (pregnancy hormone) and Progesterone (Mon – Fri only). If you can attend before 1pm the results will be available that evening.


I feel fine about everything, do I still need to go to counselling?

We offer all patients a free counselling session and we highly recommend that all patients take the opportunity to speak to one of the team. Your first session is paid for by The CRGH but the counsellors are completely independent of The CRGH so everything you talk about is completely confidential.

How do I make a counselling appointment?

You can contact the counsellors directly to book your appointment, the counselling team strive to see everyone within one week.

Legal Parenthood

The law on legal parenthood following fertility treatment changed on 6 April 2009. Since then, it has been possible for the partner in a same sex couple to be registered as the second parent to a child born from licensed fertility treatment.

For more information click here to visit the HFEA website


Why do I need to leave my card details?

We ask for card details to be left so that patients can leave the clinic after their appointments without having to see the Finance Team. It also provides The CRGH with security should any invoices remain unpaid.

Can I pay by other methods?

Yes, you can by cash, cheque when you are in the clinic, and bank transfer (in advance).

Can I pay in advance?

Once you are registered with the clinic you can make payments in advance for you cycle, However, do to the nature of fertility treatment we can only provide an estimated cost for your cycle.

Who has access to my card details?

Only members of the finance administration team have direct access to your card details. These details are kept in a securely locked cupboard, in a secure room.

How is my invoice complied?

A charge sheet, which is attached to your file at the commencement of each appointment, is filled out by the medical staff and handed to the finance team to raise the invoice.

How will I know what payment is being taken?

A detailed invoice will be sent in the post. Should you wish to check the amount due please come to the Accounts Office and we can let you know. You can request to be called by the finance team before payment is taken if you prefer.

To whom should I address and queries with my invoices?

Queries should be raised with the Finance Team, either in person or by calling 0207 837 2905.


How can I get a copy of your brochure?

You can download a PDF copy of our most recent brochure by following this link