Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is a process where we specially prepare sperm in our labs before directly depositing them in to the woman’s uterus. This is done by a small, minimally invasive procedure which generally causes no more discomfort than a cervical smear. Although IUI is not as successful as IVF, at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health you will have the best chance of success in London (as shown by the HFEA 2011 success rates) as our success rates for IUI are consistently the highest in the capital.

To ensure we can always offer our patients the most appropriate treatment, we offer five different methods of IUI. Your consultant will discuss your options and the differences between them fully at your consultation.

  • Natural cycle
  • Clomid cycle
  • Super ovulation cycle
  • Ovulation induction cycle
  • Donor sperm