NHS GP Referral

NHS funding for IVF treatment may be available for patients who meet the specific criteria of their local clinical commissioning groups – CCG (previously PCTs). Each CCG has set criteria and will differ in terms of what level of treatment will be funded. Funding for assisted conception may not be available if either you or your partner already has children, if the female partner is over a certain age or has a BMI over 30.

An example of the eligibility criteria – this will differ by CCG

  • AMH Level to be tested on day 2 of cycle (within 3 months), and the result to be no lower than 5.4
  • At least 3 years infertility ( 3 years of ovulatory cycles) or a diagnosed cause of absolute infertility.

Current waiting times

  • No waiting lists.
  • Treatment for patients whose CCG are contracted with us can start the process within six weeks (or less) of referral.

Number of cycles funded

  • This varies from each CCG and anything from one cycle to three treatments will be funded on the NHS.
  • If you would like further information about our eligibility criteria, please contact Sayrah Lola sayrah.lola@crgh.co.uk

The NHS England website allows you to check which CCG covers your GP. The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health currently covers the following CCGs:

  • East & North Herts
  • Basildon & Brentford
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
  • Castle point & Rochford
  • Great Yarmouth
  • HertsValley
  • Ipswich & East Suffolk
  • Luton
  • Mid Essex
  • North East Essex
  • North Northfolk
  • Norwich
  • Southend
  • South Norfolk
  • Thurrock
  • West Essex
  • West Northfolk
  • West Suffolk

(For patients wishing to self refer, please complete our online form or contact us directly)

NHS GP Referrals

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