New technique to diagnose genetic disorders in embryos

New technique to diagnose genetic disorders in embryos. A pioneering technique to detect genetic disorders in embryos has been used successfully for the first time in Europe at a London clinic. Source: ITV National News website. Read the full article.

Premier succès pour une nouvelle technique de fécondation in vitro

Fécondation in vitro par injection de l’ADN d’un spermatozoïde dans un ovocyte. | A162/Fertility Institutes C’est un « premier succès » pour une méthode de fécondation in vitro (FIV) qui pourrait bousculer la lutte contre les maladies génétiques. Lire l’article… Read more

IVF technique that tests embryos for genetic discorders has first success

  UK doctors report first pregnancy from new procedure in couple who had high risk of passing on lethal disease to their child. Using the karyomapping technique, the couple have standard IVF treatment to create a set of embryos which… Read more

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The work up time for Karyomapping is under 2 weeks

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Karyomapping has revolutionised the pre-implantation genetic dianosis treatment

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