Fertility Treatments: What is karyomapping?

As you learn a little more about the services we offer at CRGH, you may hear something about karyomapping and wonder what that is, exactly. Honestly, we’re very excited to be able to offer this new technique to our fertility… Read more

Emotional ramifications of fertility treatments

At CRGH, we know that having a baby, for some couples, is an overwhelming need. A natural urge that only becomes stronger when a couple wants to have a child but experiences difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term…. Read more

Take Control of Your Fertility Future

We’d all like to know what the future holds, particularly when it comes to planning a family. But with so many factors potentially influencing a person’s fertility, this can prove especially difficult. At CRGH we believe it’s never too early… Read more

The role of the NHS at CRGH and how we work together

For many couples, having a baby is a dream – a dream that doesn’t always come so easily. One in six couples have trouble conceiving and must turn to fertility treatments in order to complete their family. For the last 25… Read more