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CRGH have been proudly working with TwoDads UK since 2019 when the clinic formed this original collaboration. This partnership supports Intended Fathers on a journey through Surrogacy, right here in the UK. As such, it’s been widely successful and has helped develop CRGH as a centre of excellence for Surrogacy, not only for London but across the UK. The clinic signed a second year term with TwoDads UK in 2020, extending its support through into 2021, helping more intended fathers explore UK Surrogacy.

TwoDads UK familyThe founders of TwoDads UK are Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis – also no strangers to the clinic, the couple have first-hand experience of the patient pathway here at CRGH. Their second child, a son Duke – was created at our London Clinic and was born in August 2019, after a successful first transfer in back in December 2018.

In fact, they wrote an entire series of award winning Blogs talking about their fertility journey, as they moved their treatment to CRGH in the Summer of 2018.



TwoDads UK are here to support Intended Fathers during their treatment journey. For some patients, being able to speak with someone who has been through the journey already can prove really helpful.

In addition to that support, TwoDads UK are also at the very forefront of Surrogacy Support having recently launched the Not for Profit Surrogacy organisation; My Surrogacy Journey. My Surrogacy Journey aims to help everyone find suitable surrogates and provides huge support to those seeking surrogate treatment.



TwoDads UK run popular events which CRGH are proud to sponsor and support. The team behind TwoDads UK also the founders of The Modern Family Show 2021, the only UK LGBTQ family building event taking place in London on the 18th September 2021. CRGH are exhibiting and are also the proud Surrogacy Sponsors of the entire event.

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
CRGH is partnering with Access Fertility to offer a series of IVF programmes and packages. For more information please click below.

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