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CRGH and our Medical Director Paul Serhal have been leaders in the field of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine for over 20 years.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Many of our patients take comfort in knowing that our successes and world leading achievements are frequently discussed and celebrated nationally, being featured in all of the major UK newspapers. Over the years, we have been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Independent, The Mirror and The BBC.

Below is just a small sample of articles that involve CRGH, our pioneering treatments or our expert doctors:

Aug 2018 Dr Ben Nagi discusses the pros and cons of egg freezing​
Aug 2018 Egg freezing technology has improved IVF outcomes
Sept 2017 Dr Lisa Webber explains the landmark experiment run by the University of Bath that raises the possibility that babies could be conceived without a mother and using skin cells.
1 May 2017 PGD embryo testing avoids patient passing on retinal cancer to her daughter
Feb 2016 Mr Paul Serhal explains the potential role of gene editing in IVF and miscarriage
19 June 2015 Facts and Fiction about male fertility 
17 May 2015 Patient becomes the first to undergo karyomapping IVF treatment
28 Mar 2015 New IVF technique that eliminates genetic disorders 
25 Feb 2015 Ways in which men can improve their fertility 
Oct 2014 Fertility checks should be offered to women over 35
28 July 2014 First success for new IVF technique that eliminates genetic diseases
6 Jan 2012 Frozen embryos produce heavier and healthier babies
6 Jan 2012 IVF babies born from frozen embryos are healthier than those from fresh ones
6 Jan 2012 IVF frozen embryos result in bigger babies, full term
6 Jan 2012 Freezing may improve embryos
6 Jan 2012 IVF babies heavier and healthier when embryos are frozen
Nov 2010 The new CRGH egg bank
Nov 2010 Mr Paul Serhal is named one of the UK’s top doctors
Jan 2009 First baby born free of the breast cancer gene in the UK

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IVF Packages With Access Fertility
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