CRGH safety measures during COVID-19

With international travel becoming more frequent, it’s very important that all patients are aware of mandatory government and clinic requirements with regard to quarantine and testing.  If you are returning from abroad, you must email the result of the Day 2 test (which must be negative) to prior to attending any appointments in person. This is to ensure the safety of our patients and team members.

CRGH is taking extensive measures to keep all patients and staff safe and virus free during treatment.


A key measure of our strategy is the introduction of COVID-19 testing for patients and staff. The test is known as a ‘PCR Test’ and involves taking samples from the nose and the back of the throat.

PCR test

Staff are being tested regularly, and only those with a current negative test will be permitted on the premises. Regular checks on exposure will be carried out via questionnaire, and anyone who has potentially been exposed will self-isolate.

For Egg Collections, FETs, and IUIs, the patient and partner will be provided with a test kit at the start of stimulation (baseline scan). You will be asked to return it when the visit the clinic for one of their routine scan appointments, so that the result will be provided to the clinic prior to your egg collection, frozen embryo transfer, or IUI. The nursing team will advise on the date of return during your baseline appointment.

For hysteroscopy, ERPC or any other procedure performed under sedation, a test will be required for the patient approximately 3 days prior to procedure.

Video Consultations

We have introduced VideoLink for all doctor consultations.

We have invested in technology that allows us to verify identity and thus complete consent forms remotely. Up to 50% of nursing can therefore also be carried out remotely. This will significantly reduce the number of visits patients will need to make to the clinic.


We have developed a travel plan that absolutely minimises the use by staff of public transport.


We have secured stocks of fully certified PPE, which will be used according to current NHS best practice guidelines.

CRGH team in PPE

Patients are asked to purchase masks and wear them whenever on the premises.


automated room steriliserOur cleaning team is increasing the frequency of cleaning, particularly on high contact areas such as doors and handrails.

We have invested in an automated room steriliser that sprays a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide and fully decontaminates a room within 15 minutes.



Social distancing

We are reducing the number of patients in the building through video consultations, and appointment spacing.

Screens are being erected around reception, and partners are being asked not to attend unless they are required during treatment.




We have secured vaccination for all staff to further ensure your safety.

Over 80% of staff have now received both doses of the COVID vaccine and we are aiming for 100% coverage as soon as possible.

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
CRGH is partnering with Access Fertility to offer a series of IVF programmes and packages. For more information please click below.

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