The LGBT Mummies Tribe

My wife & I have been together 13 years & married 9. Shortly after we got married we started talking about our options regarding staring a family. We decided using a fertility clinic with donor sperm was the right decision for us, & on the recommendation of a woman who had used the clinic to have her two children, we decided to contact them for a consultation. At the time we didn’t know any other LGBT+ women well like us or other families & really struggled until we found CRGH.

We had decided that I would carry being slightly younger & having the desire to carry. Also my wife had PCOS & had been told at a young age she would ‘never bear a child’ so we didn’t even consider it until we spoke to the clinic. They made us feel so welcome, treated us in a personable yet professional way & surprisingly told us that her PCOS would not be an issue- it was ‘something we could overcome together’. We were shocked & after some thought, we decided that she would be the first to carry.

We knew that it would be a difficult time, & no one can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster that is fertility treatment, but the team, across all levels were a source of strength & support. From calls with the reception team, to speaking with the nursing team regarding administering medication, to having the consultant call us personally to see if we were ok- they really were compassionate & took the time to come on the journey with us. Also the fact they made us feel like any other couple they treat & took the time to ask questions about who we are, how they could help us further & that they had years of experience with other LGBT+ couples really made us feel comfortable.

So after three cycles of IUI & a miscarriage on our 4th cycle, we took a break in between. We came back for our 5th cycle & got our positive! We couldn’t be happier & the team celebrated it with us.

We now have a 6 year old daughter, who has since visited the clinic & seen where the magical Doctor helped make her Mummies wishes come true.

Laura_and_familyThen four years later, we decided to revisit the clinic to discuss having a second child & it felt like coming home. Many of the team we were supported by the first time round were still there & remembered us! This time, it was a much quicker journey, with me falling pregnant second cycle round via natural IUI. They made us feel so welcome, informed & the level of expertise was astounding.

We will start our journey once more to try for a third child in the future & are excited to be part of the CRGH family again!

Since we had our second child (now 2 years old), I founded ‘The LGBT Mummies Tribe’ to support other LGBT+ women on their journeys to Motherhood, & providing a community for LGBT+ female families worldwide to connect.

The_LGBT_Mummies_Tribe_logoCRGH now support The LGBT Mummies Tribe & we too provide support & advice to all CRGH LGBT+ patients through their fertility treatment.