IFFS Symposium in Kampala, Uganda

Recently our Head of Nursing – Francesca Steyn, was asked to attend the International Federation of Fertility Societies Symposium in Kampala, Uganda. The symposium was jointly hosted by the IFFS, the Ugandan Fertility Society and the African Fertility Society and was a three day programme looking at ‘Infertility Care, Access and Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa’.

Francesca was involved in the pre-congress course which looked at the emotional and psychosocial aspects of fertility care and the resources and tools that we could use to support the needs of patients. Francesca also presented as part of the main programme on the ‘Role of the Fertility Nurse Specialist’. This presentation focused on the dynamic and crucial role of the fertility nurse and their involvement in the patients treatment journey including the successful pre conception programmes and our Named Nursing systems at CRGH.

The conference was very well attended and  received great feedback from all attendees.