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    The Ultimate Guide to

    Lesbian IVF & Fertility Treatment

You’re about to discover the secret of starting a family, getting pregnant, the options available and costs as a lesbian couple.

We’ve created this free guide for you that explains the whole process of getting pregnant as a lesbian couple from start to finish.

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So click here to get all your questions answered in a single, easy to read, helpful guide.

Tired of surfing the internet for answers on how to get pregnant?

Tired of finding bits and pieces of advice, here and there, only to find they’re outdated and irrelevant?

Want to know how much treatment costs?

Irritated by the inconsistencies of legal advice?

We will help answer many of your most common questions:

  • Do we need IVF?
  • Can we both be mothers?
  • Will we both be legal parents?
  • Who will give birth?
  • What is shared motherhood?
  • Who will be the donor?
  • check
    Can we choose the sperm donor?
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    How long does treatment take?
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    How successful is the treatment?

Then this guide is for you!

We understand how difficult it is to find information on starting a family as a lesbian couple with conflicting information and opinions, changes to the legal system and everyone wants to give advice.