CRGH Launch Walk-In Fertility Clinic

The CRGH Walk-In Fertility Clinic is open Monday to Friday 17:00 – 18:00

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) in central London is UK’s leading Fertility Clinic. Mr Paul Serhal, Medical Director is delighted to announce the launch of an out-of-hours Walk-In Fertility Clinic at their Great Portland Street address, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

“At CRGH, we recognize that our clients have a very busy schedule between juggling work and personal commitments and that daytime appointments are not always possible. Also prospective couples feel that the process is very formal and clinical, which in itself can be overwhelming. The primary advantage for this type of clinic is that you do not need to book an appointment. You are consulted with on a walk-in basis, in the knowledge that you will be attended by a professional Fertility Consultant who will discuss your circumstances with warmth and compassion, with the ultimate aim of helping you realise your dream of becoming a family.”

At each consultation, the doctor will discuss clients’ goals based on their medical history, age and how quickly they wish to pursue treatment. Each patient will then receive a personalised plan of their proposed treatment, tailored to meet their individual circumstances and will also include associated costs to aide in financial planning.