Our values


The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health (CRGH) is the largest independent clinic in the UK


We operate with one embryology laboratory and one theatre, giving us complete control over quality at every stage


There is no investment from venture capital, and no external corporate bodies – the key people are on site and available to patients


Our doctors and nurses have no financial targets, just clinical excellence and the patient experience


We fund our own research programme, and publish our findings for all to share.    


We pioneered Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) treatment in the UK, and are one of only three centres providing this specialist service to the NHS


We are absolutely transparent about success rates, and regularly advise patients not to undergo treatment where we believe it is not in their best interests


We have the highest live birth rate per embryo transferred in London, as recognised by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). 


We are proud of our success rates, but even more so of our values, and the people who come to work and live them every day


We want every patient to be glad they chose us for their care. We hope you will be too.

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
CRGH is partnering with Access Fertility to offer a series of IVF programmes and packages. For more information please click below.

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