Patient Journey

The CRGH Patient Pathway

Your fertility journey with us can be achieved in four steps and at each of those steps, the experienced team will be on hand to support, offer advice and assist you through the process. The pathway below illustrates what you can expect at our fertility centre.

Consultation with your doctor

We have a large highly experienced and passionate medical team at CRGH, and you will be provided with an appointment to meet with your chosen consultant.

The initial consultation with your consultant will be conducted by video call using our secure video platform. This appointment lasts around 60 minutes and will aim to cover your medical and fertility history.

During this appointment your consultant will also discuss with you the different treatment options which are available, as well as any initial investigations which they would recommend prior to starting treatment itself. 

Screening and Investigations

During your meeting with your consultant and after reviewing your history, we may recommend a number of tests and investigations in preparation for your cycle with us.

These tests will be explained fully to you by your doctor and your nursing team, and may include a combination of the following:

Your journey with us is tailor made to you as an individual and every cycle is different so you may require additional testing not outlined above that has been discussed and agreed with you by your doctor.

The Treatment Process

Your treatment will be planned with you and takes into account your history, results of any investigations outlined above and all discussions that you have had with your doctor.

The timings and lengths of treatment do differ between treatment types, and a member of our nursing team will provide a clear guide on your expected treatment timings.

Treatments such as insemination cycles usually take place over one monthly cycle, and treatments such as IVF can usually take place over two monthly cycles.

At every step of your treatment, a member of our nursing team will be on hand to offer you support and advice and to relay information to you from our team of doctors who are managing your care.

For further information please visit Our Treatments.

Post Treatment

After your treatment has taken place, there is a period of time that some people refer to as the ‘two week wait’. This is usually the time that we ask you to wait before performing your pregnancy test.

Once the treatment has taken place, the team will provide you with further instructions and advice and general do’s and don’ts for this period of time.

During your post treatment phase, we encourage you to contact your team with any queries or questions that you have and once we know the outcome, further follow up, support and advice will be arranged.

Our aim is to ensure that your journey with us at CRGH runs as smoothly as possible and we are on hand seven days a week to provide advice and support through the cycle.

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
CRGH is partnering with Access Fertility to offer a series of IVF programmes and packages. For more information please click below.

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