Patient Stories

We are pleased to care for so many patients here at our fertility clinic in London. Here are a few of their stories.

CRGH was our number one choice in London

11th July 2018

In relation to our journey from start to finish CRGH was our number one choice in London. We had been trying for a baby for over three years and following tests we found out that my AMH levels were low and my husband had a chromosome translocation abnormality. After much research we came across CRGH. (more…) Read more


Our reason for choosing PGD/IVF

11th July 2018

Dear Doctors and Nurses at CRGH, I promised to keep in touch and let you know how we got on so here goes... I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going well so far. I don't think either of us can believe it is real even though I'm starting to feel a few little kicks and I am growing more and more HUGE everyday. (more…) Read more


I’m expecting my so wished lovely miracle little baby

11th June 2018

I would like to thank Dr Saab and the entire CRGH - London team. My husband past away several years ago and took me a long time to decide trying for an IVF. My experience with the clinic was fantastic and now I’m expecting my so wished lovely miracle little baby, who’s father is my late husband. (more…) Read more


Our family is complete

28th April 2017

I wanted to send a note to thank everyone at CRGH for helping us complete our family. Our beautiful baby girl is now six months old and every day we remember our journey and how amazingly fortunate we are to have her. (more…) Read more


Blessed with a beautiful baby boy

28th March 2017

We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Thank you CRGH for making all our dreams come true.

Rainham, Essex

Counselling enabled us to see things more clearly

9th March 2017

We were not clear about what to do. Everything was hazy. We had to consider the implications of egg donation and what this meant. Counselling enabled us to see things more clearly and now we have no regrets. Thank you so much for all your support.

Epsom, Surrey

Twin Boys

28th February 2017

I was re-living my journey of infertility with a friend recently which prompted me to go on to your website and write this comment. My husband and I feared we would never have children for various reasons. Paul Serhal was extremely reassuring and told us he would be very honest with us throughout (more…) Read more


A long and emotional journey

13th February 2017

It has been a long and emotional journey, but it has all been worthwhile. Our baby girl was born in November and we cannot express how grateful we are to all the team at CRGH. Thank you.

St. Ives, Cambridge

I got pregnant on my first cycle using donor eggs

28th January 2017

I had many failed cycles in other units but got pregnant on my first cycle using donor eggs with the CRGH. It was the best thing that ever happened to me – thanks to all the staff at the CRGH.

Hampstead, London

At no time did we feel like a ‘number’

28th January 2017

I want to write to thank you for all your support through the dark, difficult days where we thought our lives might remain childless. We are now in the supremely fortunate position of having 2 beautiful children thanks to CRGH. The staff’s support throughout the process was invaluable; at no time did we feel like a ‘number’ (more…) Read more

Chichester, West Sussex

Embryology team

13th January 2017

My partner and I owe so much to the amazing teams at CRGH and UCLH - I have no doubt that without your help and expertise I would not, at the age of 40, have had my beautiful, healthy daughter. I will always remember the kindness of the embryology team and would urge anyone considering IVF to go to CRGH.


You promised us we’d be pregnant and we were!

1st December 2016

Thank you so much for all you did for us. You promised us we’d be pregnant by December and we were.

Wembley, London

Words cannot express our joy

28th November 2016

Words cannot express our joy. You have made it possible for us when we had almost given up hope to fullfill our wildest dream. We have now an amazing baby boy. Thank you so much!

Dubai, UAE

First ever positive pregnancy test

12th November 2016

Our infertility journey was a long 4 and a half years and before we sought the help of the CRGH we had almost given up hope of ever being parents. Having been through numerous failed NHS treatment cycles including 2 failed IVFs you really were our last hope. (more…) Read more


Freezing my eggs was the best thing I did

21st October 2016

Freezing my eggs a couple of years ago was the best thing I did. I am presently pregnant with my first child. Thanks to all the staff at CRGH.

Wimbledon, London

There are no words to describe…

7th October 2016

Our beautiful daughter is almost 9 months now and sometimes we still can't believe she is here. There are no words that can express the gratitude we feel for the knowledgable consultants and helpful medical and admin staff at CRGH. We will be back soon for our frozen embryos.

Wandsworth, London

Sensitive and thorough care

28th September 2016

We are so grateful for the treatment that we received from Dr Ozturk and for the sensitive and thorough care that we received from the nurses, sonographers and embryologists at CRGH. We would certainly recommend you to anyone we know that requires assistance with conceiving.

North London

Leave happy every time

24th September 2016

Thank you so much for treating me and for making the whole experience as best as it could possibly be. During my visits, I would arrive anxious and leave happy every time. Your whole team were so positive and always greeted me with a smile. I have an adorable baby girl. Thank you for your help!

St John's, Antigua

The entire CRGH staff is amazing!

14th August 2016

The CRGH entire staff is amazing! Everyone was very reassuring and personable. We have the most amazing family now and will be forever grateful for all the expertise and care we received. (more…) Read more


Our little miracle

28th July 2016

Previously had 2 IUI rounds both resulted in pregnancies unfortunately the first one was a mmc second attempt we went on to have our little miracle all the staff were great now we are going for IUI again hoping you work your magic again can't thank you enough.


They genuinely cared about us

28th July 2016

I have had 6 ICSI cycles at the CRGH in total – the 3rd one resulted in our son Michael and then 3 years later on the 6th attempt, we had twin boys – Daniel and James. Throughout the highs and lows of our fertility journey, all the staff at CRGH were so supportive and it really felt they genuinely cared about us (more…) Read more


3 miracle little boys

28th July 2016

My lovely consultant, Dr Saab, was always available to talk through any concerns I had at any stage of each cycle. I would absolutely recommend the CRGH to anyone who is currently on their own fertility journey. (more…) Read more

No Location

Words cannot express our appreciation

28th July 2016

Words cannot express our appreciation. You have made our dreams come true. We never thought in our wildest dreams that this would be possible. We have two wonderful additions to our family. Now our family is complete. Thank you all at CRGH.

Barnet, Herts

The joy and contentment we feel

12th July 2016

I am eternally grateful for CRGH in helping me have my first child 5 years ago. No words can ever describe the joy and contentment we feel at having reached this huge milestone which felt like an absolute impossibility for us. The staff were great, (more…) Read more


We have our complete family

3rd July 2016

Thank you to everyone at CRGH. Over the past 8 years through IUI we now have our complete family 3 boys and finally our little girl! We have a very busy household. Thank you for everything!


Our deepest held wish realised

24th June 2016

5 years ago doctors at another clinic suggested we would not conceive with IVF and should look into egg donation, giving us a 5% chance of success. After asking them to reconsider we were offered the option of natural cycle treatment during which we had a weekend scan at CRGH. It was here that the CRGH doctors noticed (more…) Read more


Our beautiful twin girls

21st June 2016

Our beautiful twin girls were born in Cambridge in May and my wife and I want to thank you and your great team from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible.

Huntingdon, Cambridge

She has changed our lives

28th May 2016

As I type this I can see on the monitor my beautiful daughter sleeping soundly in her cot. A feeling I never thought I would experience. She is now one and she has changed our lives. We have returned to CRGH and Dr Saab to use our last frozen embryo. This will be cycle 7. Our daughter was born (more…) Read more


How much we owe to the science and scientist at your clinic

28th May 2016

This letter is to express our heartfelt thanks for the treatment that we received at CRGH. Our beautiful, perfect daughter was born in February this year, the result of our first round of IVF. She is the light of our lives, (more…) Read more

Chelmsford, Essex

The process was well organised

17th May 2016

I would like to thank all the staff and team that helped us become parents. To the surgical team and nurses that made me comfortable and nurses and reception that answered all my questions and made me feel that the process was well organised (more…) Read more


We can’t wait to come back for our blastocysts!

17th April 2016

A big thank you to you and all your staff for all that you did to help us achieve our dream of having a baby… We can’t wait to come back for our blastocysts to give our baby some brothers or sisters!

Tooting, London

I owe them everything

4th April 2016

Today I’m sitting up in bed with my beautiful amazing daughter sleeping contently on my lap. I can’t believe she’s here and she’s mine. She is no longer a dream but my reality. Words are hard to find to describe (more…) Read more


We received excellent care

21st March 2016

We would like to thank everyone at CRGH who participated in helping us to create our beautiful girl. We think of you all often as you played such a critical role in making us two of the happiest people in Britain. (more…) Read more


Help was always available at any time

21st February 2016

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff at CRGH for giving us our beautiful baby daughter. She is gorgeous, healthy and is doing really well! My husband and I can’t thank all the staff there enough. You are all so supportive, friendly and compassionate. (more…) Read more

Kensington, London

Immense support received

17th February 2016

I wanted to drop a thank you note to express my sincere gratitude for all staff at CRGH and UCLH for the immense support throughout my IVF process. I really appreciate you all invested a huge amount of time (more…) Read more


Success rates are impressive

17th February 2016

I just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank everyone at the CRGH for helping us achieve our dream. Nearly 12 months later, we’re happy to say that the reassuring optimism and confidence of Mr Paul Serhal during our initial consultation was not misplaced. (more…) Read more