My CRGH Story – Female, 44, London

“Walking into the CRGH for the first time I knew I was in safe hands. It had come highly recommended by my sister who was having treatment there. She now has a delightful little boy who was born as a result of their hard work and dedication. I was going in to see Paul Serhal the Medical Director. I remember the first meeting vividly, going through my history and him looking me in the eye and saying we will give you a baby. There were something in his words that made this statement seem profoundly true. He told me I had hope.

I had however already been on a rollercoaster at another fertility clinic, only to come away disappointed and empty handed. That said I started the protocol with both hope and trepidation. It has to be noted that at each appointment I was instantly put at ease. It’s not often you go to a facility even a private one where you are treated with such kindness and compassion. There’s something truly humbling about it and something even now I find hard to describe. The staff there don’t just go about their day doing their job they truly care about you. It wasn’t long before most of the nurses and admin staff knew my name and my story and I in turn knew a little about them. There’s something really special about going to a place and not feeling judged and knowing that they really do care about you. That particular cycle produced a good amount of eggs and I had two transferred.

I got pregnant and as you can imagine was over the moon. However it was a chemical pregnancy and so I was left with nothing. I cried and cried, I could not stop. I was going to go in to see Mr Serhal who then kindly saved me the trouble and we had a phone conversation whereby he listened intently and reassured me that I still had my remaining egg left and that I should try again.

Determined not to give up I tried again but it didn’t work and I was left despondent. Suddenly I had nothing left, and due to my age (43) no viable eggs and most sadly I had lost hope. I had thought of fostering and adopting but none of these options materialised. I decided to go back and see Mr Serhal one last time. I had the treatment and couldn’t wait the suggested sixteen days wait before testing. On day eight I tested and saw a very faint line, needless to say I kept on testing and it really was true!  I was pregnant. The next nine months were the longest of my life. I would love to say I was excited and happy in fact I was the opposite. I was scared and nervous. I was petrified to let myself dream of having a baby. I had been through so much to get to this point, having been married and trying naturally for years, failed cycles. All in all this journey had taken over thirteen years of my life.

Young mother feeding her daughter from a bottleFast forward to today and I’m sitting up in bed with my beautiful amazing daughter sleeping contently on my lap. I can’t believe she’s here and she’s mine. She is no longer a dream but my reality. Words are hard to find to describe the immense emotion one feels to finally have your prayers answered. She’s absolutely beautiful and I can finally be what has at times felt like a lifelong dream to become a mum. I owe Paul Serhal and his team nothing that money, gifts, or thank you cards can buy.  I owe them everything as without them none of this would have been possible. I wish I had the words to put it together in one simple sentence but just like life nothing is that simple and all I can truly and wholeheartedly  say is Thank You.

Dreams really do come true at the CRGH.”