Preconception and Familial Risk

When starting a family, everyone hopes that above all, they will have a healthy child. In some families, there is a history of a recurrent health problem that has a clear genetic cause. In other families a child has been born ‘out of the blue’ with a rare genetic condition.

But in most families, the risk of a hereditary health problem is not clear or obvious.

For couples or individuals who are hoping to start a family – regardless of whether you need fertility treatment – you may be thinking about how to ensure the risks of inherited conditions in the next generation are reduced.

At CRGH we are dedicated to providing cutting edge and thoughtful genetics services for you and your family.

For those with a family history of a genetic condition, our Genetic Counsellor can offer advice, genetic testing and discussion of options going forward to reduce the risk of having an affected child.

In the absence of a specific family history, you can opt for our pan-ethnic genetic screening test, called CarrierMatch™, to assess if you are at increased risk of having a child with a rare genetic disorder.

Our Genetic Counsellor will guide you through these genetic tests and the implications of results for you and your family.

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
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