CRGH was our number one choice in London

In relation to our journey from start to finish CRGH was our number one choice in London. We had been trying for a baby for over three years and following tests we found out that my AMH levels were low… Read more

Our reason for choosing PGD/IVF

Dear Doctors and Nurses at CRGH, I promised to keep in touch and let you know how we got on so here goes… I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going well so far. I don’t think either… Read more

I’m expecting my so wished lovely miracle little baby

I would like to thank Dr Saab and the entire CRGH – London team. My husband past away several years ago and took me a long time to decide trying for an IVF. My experience with the clinic was fantastic… Read more

Our family is complete

I wanted to send a note to thank everyone at CRGH for helping us complete our family. Our beautiful baby girl is now six months old and every day we remember our journey and how amazingly fortunate we are to… Read more

Blessed with a beautiful baby boy

We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Thank you CRGH for making all our dreams come true.

Counselling enabled us to see things more clearly

We were not clear about what to do. Everything was hazy. We had to consider the implications of egg donation and what this meant. Counselling enabled us to see things more clearly and now we have no regrets. Thank you… Read more

Twin Boys

I was re-living my journey of infertility with a friend recently which prompted me to go on to your website and write this comment. My husband and I feared we would never have children for various reasons. Paul Serhal was… Read more

A long and emotional journey

It has been a long and emotional journey, but it has all been worthwhile. Our baby girl was born in November and we cannot express how grateful we are to all the team at CRGH. Thank you.

I got pregnant on my first cycle using donor eggs

I had many failed cycles in other units but got pregnant on my first cycle using donor eggs with the CRGH. It was the best thing that ever happened to me – thanks to all the staff at the CRGH.

At no time did we feel like a ‘number’

I want to write to thank you for all your support through the dark, difficult days where we thought our lives might remain childless. We are now in the supremely fortunate position of having 2 beautiful children thanks to CRGH…. Read more

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