They genuinely cared about us

I have had 6 ICSI cycles at the CRGH in total – the 3rd one resulted in our son Michael and then 3 years later on the 6th attempt, we had twin boys – Daniel and James. Throughout the highs and lows of our fertility journey, all the staff at CRGH were so supportive and it really felt they genuinely cared about us

and would do everything they could to help. The care we received was second to none and the doctors were also very proactive at suggesting different protocols to ensure we had the best chance of success each time. My personal regime on various cycles included endometrial scratch, hysteroscopy, assisted hatching, steroids, intralipids, Blastocyst Transfer, Split Blastocyst Transfer, ICSI and IMSI. I was also closely monitored throughout the process and medications adjusted and/or introduced depending on how I responded each time.