Our deepest held wish realised

5 years ago doctors at another clinic suggested we would not conceive with IVF and should look into egg donation, giving us a 5% chance of success. After asking them to reconsider we were offered the option of natural cycle treatment during which we had a weekend scan at CRGH. It was here that the CRGH doctors noticed

what the other clinic had missed and assured us we were good candidates for IVF if this round failed.

Our first full round of IVF resulted in our now 3 year old daughter and 7 frozen blastocysts, one of which is now an 8 month old son with 4 still in the freezer!

From the depths of pessimism CRGH and their fantastic team helped us realise our deepest held wish and blessed us with an exhausting and hilarious family. There is no way to really say thank you!