They genuinely cared about us

I have had 6 ICSI cycles at the CRGH in total – the 3rd one resulted in our son Michael and then 3 years later on the 6th attempt, we had twin boys – Daniel and James. Throughout the highs… Read more

3 miracle little boys

My lovely consultant, Dr Saab, was always available to talk through any concerns I had at any stage of each cycle. I would absolutely recommend the CRGH to anyone who is currently on their own fertility journey.

Words cannot express our appreciation

Words cannot express our appreciation. You have made our dreams come true. We never thought in our wildest dreams that this would be possible. We have two wonderful additions to our family. Now our family is complete. Thank you all… Read more

The joy and contentment we feel

I am eternally grateful for CRGH in helping me have my first child 5 years ago. No words can ever describe the joy and contentment we feel at having reached this huge milestone which felt like an absolute impossibility for… Read more

We have our complete family

Thank you to everyone at CRGH. Over the past 8 years through IUI we now have our complete family 3 boys and finally our little girl! We have a very busy household. Thank you for everything!

Our deepest held wish realised

5 years ago doctors at another clinic suggested we would not conceive with IVF and should look into egg donation, giving us a 5% chance of success. After asking them to reconsider we were offered the option of natural cycle… Read more

Our beautiful twin girls

Our beautiful twin girls were born in Cambridge in May and my wife and I want to thank you and your great team from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible.

She has changed our lives

As I type this I can see on the monitor my beautiful daughter sleeping soundly in her cot. A feeling I never thought I would experience. She is now one and she has changed our lives. We have returned to… Read more

How much we owe to the science and scientist at your clinic

This letter is to express our heartfelt thanks for the treatment that we received at CRGH. Our beautiful, perfect daughter was born in February this year, the result of our first round of IVF. She is the light of our… Read more

The process was well organised

I would like to thank all the staff and team that helped us become parents. To the surgical team and nurses that made me comfortable and nurses and reception that answered all my questions and made me feel that the… Read more