Twin Boys

I was re-living my journey of infertility with a friend recently which prompted me to go on to your website and write this comment.

My husband and I feared we would never have children for various reasons. Paul Serhal was extremely reassuring and told us he would be very honest with us throughout

and not make us endure cycle after cycle if he felt success was unlikely.

Our first cycle was unsuccessful, as we feared. However, he encouraged us to try again as he was positive with additional support and the various add-ons the clinic provided we would be successful.

He was right.

Our second cycle was successful and we were blessed with twin boys. (I still remember vividly Mr Ozturk telling me in my scan ah, I see there is a sibling here too. There are two!)

We will always be eternally grateful to all the staff and in particular to Mr Serhal and Mr Ozturk. Whilst there are never any guarantees we felt very confident we were in the best of hands and they had our interests at heart.

Our boys are now three and I still see them as our miracle boys.

I tell everyone I know with fertility issues to visit CRGH. You will always be the best for me. Genuine people with a real desire to help those of us in desperate situations.

Thank you, again.