The Ultimate Guide to Same Sex Gay Surrogacy
  • Surrogacy for Gay Couples:

  • The Ultimate Guide

  • Discover how gay couple surrogacy works and the fertility options available

Ultimate Guide to Gay Surrogacy booklet

This Guide makes it easy to navigate the surrogacy pathway and ensures you avoid spending hours surfing the internet in vain.

Also, on the next page you’ll get all the details about how you can immediately book to attend a free open evening on surrogacy or sign up for a free mini-consultation.

So go ahead download the Guide and finally understand what’s involved.

Trying to figure out how to become parents as a gay couple?

Considering surrogacy but not sure where to begin?

Unsure of what’s really involved?

Well look no further!

We’ve created this FREE guide to give you answers to these commonly asked questions and address challenges gay couples face when trying to have children of their own – all in one easy to read downloadable guide.

Surrogacy is perfectly legal in the UK for same sex gay couples but understanding where to begin, what’s involved, sifting through facts and fiction, and knowing where to turn to for advice can be daunting,
frustrating and very time consuming.

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We're very proud to have been awarded the Surrogacy Fertility Clinic of the Year Award in 2019

This FULLY UP TO DATE guide provides answers to commonly asked questions and more, such as:

  • What is surrogacy?
  • How successful is surrogacy?
  • How do you find a surrogate?
  • What are the male fertility options?
  • How do you navigate the legal framework?
  • Parental Orders and becoming legal parents
  • Myths surrounding surrogacy
  • How can a fertility clinic like CRGH help?