Sperm Donation

Why consider sperm donation?

There are many reasons why patients may need to use donor sperm in order to achieve their dream of a family. By becoming a sperm donor, you can help make this dream a reality.

If you’re aged between 18 – 45, you could make a huge difference to the lives of couples or individuals who may not be able to conceive without your help. At CRGH we pride ourselves on offering the most professional, personal care to all of our patients and donors at our sperm bank in London. As part of becoming a sperm donor you will receive a sexual health and basic genetic screening completely free of charge to ensure you meet sperm donor requirements, and be reimbursed the HFEA regulated compensation of up to £35 per donation.

By becoming a sperm donor you are giving an incredible gift and helping to create happy families.  


Becoming a sperm donor

We hope to make the process of donating sperm in London as convenient as possible. To start the donation process, get in touch with our dedicated Donation team using the link below. The team will reach out and find a convenient time to arrange a consultation with one of the CRGH doctors and a nurse at our sperm bank in London. We will ask about your medical and family history, ensure you understand how to become a sperm donor and outline the tests required prior to making your first donation.

We will also require for you to see one of our counsellors for implications counselling. The aim of an implication session(s) is to explore the social, ethical and legal implications of sperm donation, as well as to provide anyone looking to become a sperm donor with the opportunity to discuss their concerns and anxieties.

We will ensure that wherever possible the process has minimal impact on your schedule and fits around your existing commitments.



How does sperm donation work?

Simply reach out to our donation team who will help arrange an initial consultation with one of our doctors. You will then undergo some medical tests to ensure you are suitable to donate and meet sperm donor requirements. You can then partake in sperm donation in London.


Will I be paid for my donation?

We’re often asked “how much do you get for donating sperm?”. Sperm donation in London is ultimately an act of charity, although the HFEA allows us to reimburse you up to £35 per donation for your time.


How often can you donate sperm in the UK?

Sperm donation in the UK is governed not by the amount of frequency of donations, but by the amount of families created as a result of your donation. Your donation can be used to created no more than 10 families, although you can specify less should you prefer to do so.


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IVF Packages With Access Fertility
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