Pregnancy Support

Approximately 14 days after your treatment you will need to perform a urine pregnancy test at home and telephone us with the results.

If the result is positive, a blood test will be required to assess pregnancy hormone levels. This can be performed by our own nurses or by your GP. A few weeks later an ultrasound scan will be performed to detect the presence and number of fetal heart beats. Further ultrasound scans may be carried out during the early part of your pregnancy to confirm viability of the fetus before you are referred back to your GP who will arrange for antenatal care at your preferred or local hospital.

Should your pregnancy test unfortunately be negative then our team are always on hand to support you and discuss anything with you. You may book a follow up consultation whenever you feel ready. Please remember that we have trained counsellors offsite, whom you may visit should you feel the need to. The first counselling visit is free of charge to all patients.