Surrogacy Guidance and a Fertility Nursing Framework

Recently two new publications have been released and our Head of Nursing, Francesca Steyn has been a co-author on both documents. The first was released on 28th February 2018 by the Department of Health and is titled ‘Care in Surrogacy – Guidance for the care of surrogates and intended parents in surrogate births in England and Wales’. This guidance aims to provide best practice for healthcare professionals working with surrogate births and to explain the correct processes and procedures that should be in place when caring for surrogates and intended parents. The publication is available throughout England and Wales and can be accessed at:


The second publication was issued by the Royal College of Nursing at the annual Fertility Nurses Conference on 17th March 2018 and is ‘An RCN Education and Career Progression Framework for Fertility Nursing’. Francesca is a steering committee member of the RCN fertility Nurses Forum and the aim of this publication Is to give clear markers of how to develop the specialist role of the nurse within the fertility setting. The reasons for producing the document were to pull together outdated resources and to provide one standardised publication to act as a guide for all nurses and health care assistants within the field. the document engages the NMC Code of professional conduct and also encompasses the HFEA Code of practice. The framework can be accessed at: