Ms Srividya Seshadri

MRCOG, MBBS, MSC, MD Head of Clinical Research and Development, Deputy Clinical Director, Consultant at CRGH Great Portland Street


Miss Seshadri successfully completed MD thesis on Reproductive Immunology at the University of Liverpool and obtained her accreditation in Reproductive medicine and Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas NHS University Hospital in London.  In addition, she obtained accreditation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London. On successful completion of  Masters in medical ultrasound from Kings College London, she specialised in 3D scanning and performs certified procedures such as adept in 3D ultrasound, 3DSIS/3DHYCOSY and especially in Abdominal egg collection.  She has trained many doctors for independent practice in 3D Hycosy/3 D scanning and vaginal egg collection.  She is an honorary associate professor at University College London since 2019, supervisor for MsC students affiliated to UCLH and also teach regularly on MRCOG and HyCoSY courses.

Ms Seshadri is the Head of clinical research and development, CRGH

Ms Seshadri is the lead for the Embryo transfer and IUI module for the British Fertility Society

Miss Seshadri has special interests in recurrent miscarriage and in endometriosis

Ms Seshadri's Publications


More than 50 publications on assisted reproduction and associated topics

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Contributed to "Practical Problems in Assisted Conception"

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Contributed to "Challenging Concepts in Obstetrics and Gynaecology"

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From our patients

I can’t recommend Dr. Sheshadri and the CRGH team enough

I had an amazing experience with Dr Sheshadri and CRGH. After 2 miscarriages without apparent reason, I was devastated and I thought I might need some help. So I decided to go to CRGH and I found that Dr Seshadri was a specialist in recurrent miscarriage. Best decision of my life! On my first consultation with Dr Sheshadri she was super proactive and listened to me attentively. Then, she made an action plan regarding further testing and potential treatments. After the testing we finally found my issue (overactive Natural Killer cells)! Then we had another consultation to put the plan and treatment in motion… and once I was pregnant the nurses took over and guided me through the first 3 months. The whole team was super helpful and responsive whenever I sent questions by email. Fast forward exactly 1 year and 10 days after that first consultation, I was welcoming my baby girl to the world. She is 15 months old now and as healthy as happy as she can be! I can’t recommend Dr. Seshadri and the CRGH team enough. Thank you so much!

August 2023

Highly recommend CRGH and Dr Seshadri

I’ve delayed writing this, wanting to get further along in our pregnancy “just in case”. I’m now almost 28 weeks in my first pregnancy and I truly feel that it is down to your evidence based guidance, and faith that you would be able to help us. We felt seen, heard and taken seriously throughout and that you (Dr Seshadri) really had our best interest and best outcomes at heart. We were completely shocked that our first transfer worked and that every call or prediction you made, seemed to be right every time.
So whilst, we aren’t at the end of the road yet, I did want to take this moment to say thank you. And whilst we don’t know what the future holds in terms of siblings, if we do decide that’s what we want, we will surely be in touch!
Highly recommend CRGH, having been with a cheaper clinic, in this you absolutely get what you pay for.

July 2023

The team at CRGH is very professional

My personal experience with Dr Srividya Seshadri was outstanding. I came to her after a poor experience at another clinic, and she provided me with a clear explanation of the treatment options and asked me relevant questions to develop a more personalised treatment plan.
Thanks to Dr Seshadri’s knowledge and expertise, I had a significant improvement in my egg count and embryo quality in comparison to my previous IVF cycle.
Despite some early miscarriages, Dr Seshadri was persistent in finding the right protocol for me. She took the time to listen to my concerns, recommended the best course of action, and ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. The team at CRGH is very professional, and while waiting times can be long, they are definitely worth it. They are always willing to answer any questions or concerns and provide reassurance during a stressful time. I am now 4 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy.

July 2023

Dr Sheshadri gave thorough and reasoned advice

Our experience at CRGH was excellent. Dr Seshadri, gave extremely thorough and reasoned advice backed up by recent academic studies that made us fully informed about our medical situation. Her knowledge and timely advice have meant real results. The secretaries and nurses at CRGH have also been amazing, responsive, experienced and easy to deal with. We can’t recommend CRGH enough.

April 2023

Feels like a miracle, we’re so grateful

Dr Seshadri and the team were excellent. We have been trying to conceive for 7 years, and had 6 rounds of IVF, so it feels like a miracle that the CRGH team were able to help us get pregnant and have our daughter. We’re so grateful!

April 2023

All the staff are wonderful and we couldn’t be more thankful

Used this clinic twice for both of my children. The first time was with Dr Atluri (who is no longer there) and the second time with Dr Seshadri. Both times were successful first time. Would highly recommend the clinic.

March 2022


We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Seshadri or CRGH.

We were patients of Dr Seshadri – and her amazing EA, Christine – at CRGH for a number of years and only have positive things to say. We are certain that without her tenacity we would not have welcomed our son into our family one month ago.

May 2022


Dr Sheshadri is a kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable doctor

We had a very positive experience at Crgh, which resulted in us welcoming twins. Dr Sheshadri is a kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable doctor, I had every confidence in her from the very first consultation. We are very thankful to her and all the other team members at Crgh

June 2022


Our consultant, Ms Seshadri, is exceptional.

We went to CRGH after 7 years of trying to conceive, and using another fertility clinic. We were not sure if our miracle baby would ever become a reality. Now that our baby boy has arrived, we cannot describe the gratitude we feel.

June 2022


I would like to personally thank Dr Seshadri and all the team at CRGH

I would like to personally thank Dr Seshadri and all the team at CRGH for making our dreams come true and our miracle baby girl, we are in love. Dr Seshadri is professional, thorough and empathetic. Dr Daniella Cardenas was also fantastic and lovely.

July 2022


Dr Seshadri was so thorough and understanding

We’ve had such a wonderful experience with CRGH. Dr Seshadri was so thorough and understanding, and we felt we were in safe hands with her. We now feel so utterly blessed with our two children conceived through IVF and couldn’t have done this without the wonderful help of CRGH

August 2022