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If you’re ready to get started on your journey to parenthood, the first step is to book a fertility consultation. Our London-based fertility consultants will talk you through your options and help you explore your next steps.

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Our Consultation Types

Initial Consultation

At the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, the initial fertility consultation is the first step in almost every treatment journey.

Our initial consultation will be a sixty-minute appointment with a consultant of your choosing. During this time, your fertility consultant will ask you questions to understand your previous medical and fertility history, as well as your goals for treatment. Then, your consultant will talk you through some of the fertility treatment options that may be open to you, what they would involve and what the next steps will be.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your fertility treatment options and get answers to any queries or concerns you may have.

Although our clinics and fertility consultants are based in London, we know that our patients come from all over the UK, and, indeed, all over the world. To ensure that everyone can easily access information about our services, the initial fertility consultation is held via video call.

Mini Consultation

If the full initial consultation feels like too much, we also offer a mini consultation. This is perfect for those who are just starting out in their fertility journey and would like to learn more about the treatment types on offer.

The mini fertility consultation takes the form of a twenty-minute telephone call with one of our expert consultants. It is designed to give you a one-to-one opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get an idea of what a fertility journey might look like for you.

Our mini consultation is completely free of charge, so you have nothing to lose in starting a conversation with us.

If you do decide to go for a mini consultation, please bear in mind that you cannot use a mini consultation instead of an initial consultation, and we will require a full initial consultation (above) prior to starting any treatment.


CRGH Fertility Consultation Types

Open Evenings

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If you’re not sure where to start with your fertility journey, you may wish to join us for one of our open evenings. CRGH holds these events regularly – the hour-long group session is free to attend and involves one of our expert fertility consultants introducing CRGH and answering common questions.
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FAQs About Fertility Consultations

The Process of Fertility Consultations

Should my partner and I both be on the call?

If possible (and applicable), we would ask that both you and your partner join the appointment – this gives them the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns, and allows our consultant to ask both of you any relevant medical questions.

If you are seeking single-patient treatment, you can bring someone on the call with you for support if you wish, but there is no obligation or need to do so.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance of a fertility consultation?

While you don’t need to have any documents to hand for a consultation, it can be useful for you to have access to any relevant medical documents or information.

For example, if you have had any prior fertility treatments or other medical tests, these could provide our consultant with useful wider information about your circumstances (although we may recommend carrying out our own testing to confirm any diagnosis or treatment plan).

How long does a fertility consultation last?

A full initial fertility consultation will take sixty minutes, while a mini consultation is just twenty minutes.

What will the consultant ask about?

Our consultant’s goal in the initial consultation is to gain an understanding of your circumstances and medical history, so some of the things they will want to discuss include:

Your goals for treatment

Many patients come to us for assistance in becoming pregnant or building their families, but you may also be looking to learn more about your reproductive health or understand your genetic profile.

Your medical history

Your consultant will need to discuss both your personal medical history and any relevant family history before they can recommend any treatment.

Any previous fertility treatments or investigations

Your consultant will need to understand if you have had any previous fertility treatments or investigations, and what the outcomes of these were.