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Our range of fertility treatment options ensures that everyone has the opportunity to start a family, without exception.

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What Is Fertility Treatment?

Fertility treatment is a medical treatment or procedure that a person undergoes to increase their chances of having a baby. If you are struggling or unable to conceive a baby naturally, there are plenty of effective and safe fertility treatment options available to you, including IVF, IUI, surrogacy, and more.

After a consultation, fertility assessment or fertility investigation, your consultant will help you understand if there are any specific factors affecting your chances of conceiving a child. Using this information, your consultant will advise on the best fertility treatment option to maximise your likelihood of having a baby.

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health offers a range of advanced fertility treatment options for women and men, with outstanding success rates. With over three decades of experience, our treatments have helped thousands of patients achieve their dream of growing their family.

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Fertility Treatment Options and Cost

The cost of fertility treatment varies based on what type of fertility journey you are on and the treatment you choose to proceed with. As a result, every patient receives tailored costing before starting treatment. Treatment costs can include consultations, investigations, treatment cycles and medication. You may also need to pay for donated sperm, donated eggs, or a surrogate.

CRGH have partnered with Access Fertility to provide a range of financing options, including Multi-Cycle IVF Packages and an “IVF Refund” programme.

Unfortunately, fertility treatment is limited on the NHS and is considered a ‘postcode lottery’ as some areas don’t offer any funded fertility treatment. Speak to your local GP to find out more about your options.

You can view CRGH’s fertility treatment price list here.
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