Counselling at CRGH

Fertility treatment can be an emotionally challenging journey, often with both “ups” and “downs”. In order to provide our patients with the very best emotional support throughout their treatment, CRGH has created a dedicated patient wellbeing team of specialised fertility counsellors and co-ordinators.

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What is Fertility Counselling?

As a CRGH patient you become eligible for dedicated emotional support throughout your treatment journey. Fertility Counselling is an optional but strongly recommended service and is free of charge for all CRGH patients.  In addition to Fertility Counselling, some patients (such as those undergoing treatment using donated eggs or sperm) require “implications counselling” which is a mandatory step.

You can learn about our wellbeing team below and read more about each counsellor’s qualifications, interests and areas of expertise.  If you’re a CRGH patient currently in treatment please get in touch with our Wellbeing coordinators on [email protected] who will be able to help arrange an appointment with the counsellors below.