About the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, known as CRGH, has more than 30 years of experience helping patients achieve their dream of a family. Our individualised approach to fertility treatment ensures we deliver outstanding success rates to all of our patients, and our unwavering commitment to excellence has helped many patients achieve their dream of a family.

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Meet the team

Every member of medical staff at CRGH demonstrates clinical excellence in their field, facilitated by the outstanding technology, facilities and equipment available. Across the board, our team are talented, caring and professional individuals who stand united behind our values.

Three Decades of Dedication

Our History

CRGH was founded by Mr. Paul Serhal in 1990 with a simple goal: that everyone should have the best possible chance to create a healthy family, without exception.

With this goal in mind, Mr Serhal and CRGH have consistently been pioneers in fertility treatments for over thirty years, championing new treatments, techniques and technology.

We’re exceedingly proud of the impact we have been able to have on more than 12,000 patients’ lives, and our incredible success rates truly do speak for themselves.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

In addition to our flagship clinic in central London, CRGH now has a second clinic in central London, CRGH City, and a network of satellite clinics created to bring our services closer to home. By doing so, we are able to provide the same outstanding results with even more convenience.

All of our facilities are designed to be convenient, comfortable and safe, allowing us to provide bespoke and outstanding care to our patients.

Our Locations
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Partnerships to Support You

We hand-pick our partnerships to ensure each and every patient is supported, be that emotionally, with information, or even with financial advice and support. Some of our advocates have even had treatment with CRGH in the past and gone on to create organisations to help others in similar situations.

Our Partnerships
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If you like the thought of changing people’s lives for the better every time you go to work, you should consider a career with CRGH. Whether you’re a highly qualified clinician or just getting started in your working life, CRGH are always looking for motivated, caring, outstanding individuals.

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