Three Decades of Clinical Excellence

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, known as CRGH, has more than 30 years’ experience helping patients achieve their dream of a family. Our individualised approach to treatment ensures we deliver outstanding success rates to all of our patients, and our unwavering commitment to excellence has helped many patients achieve their dream of a family.

Our History
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Our History

Three decades of dedication

CRGH was founded by Mr. Paul Serhal in 1990 with a simple goal; that everyone should have the best possible chance to create a healthy family, without exception.

With this goal in mind, Mr Serhal and CRGH have consistently been pioneers in fertility treatments for over thirty years, championing new treatments, techniques and technology.

We’re exceedingly proud of the impact we have been able to have on more than 12,000 patients’ lives, and our incredible success rates truly do speak for themselves.


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Our Facilities

In addition to our flagship clinic in central London, CRGH now has a second clinic in central London, CRGH City, and a network of satellite clinics created to bring our services closer to home. By doing so, we are able to provide the same outstanding results with even more convenience.

All of our facilities are designed to be convenient, comfortable and safe, allowing us to provide bespoke and outstanding care to our patients.

Our Locations
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Who we are

Our team is dedicated to helping you at every stage of the journey. From our receptionists and managers to our nurses and doctors, each and every team member is trained and committed to providing outstanding service, especially at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable.

Our Values

Our values drive the work we do every day. We know that by sticking to these values we can provide the very best experience to every single person we work with; be that a patient, a team member or an external partner.

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CRGH symbol representing inclusivity.


Symbol representing "Support" in CRGH's approach.


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Recent Stories

A small baby taking their first steps, holding onto a stool.

Faster Recipient Matching – IVF with Donor Eggs


Our exclusive new partnership has revolutionised the way in which patients are matched with donated eggs, creating matches more quickly than ever before.

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A heterosexual couple smiling in the outdoors.

Fertility Assessments: Understand your reproductive health


Fertility Assessments are even more valuable. By undergoing a quick and easy assessment you can give yourself the peace of mind that everything is functioning as it should be.

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CRGH's grey office door, number 16, with the CRGH logo on the window pane above entrance.

CRGH City – the newest member of the CRGH family


In January 2023 CRGH welcomed a new clinic to the group - CRGH City. This exciting expansion aims to provide even more patients with the opportunity to access convenient, outstanding fertility treatment.

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3 ways CRGH creates an inclusive fertility clinic experience


We know that inclusivity is an ongoing process. As the landscape of fertility treatment continues to change, so will we. Ensuring we provide an inclusive environment for your journey is essential to ensuring every patient has the best possible chance of success.

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Victoria Amazonica Giant Water Lily Leaf

Treatment Tips – Coping with Anxiety


Our inhouse Patient Support Manager and Fertility Counsellor, Debbie Howe, explores anxiety during fertility treatment and shares some tips for coping with that anxiety.

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Adult and newborn sleeping baby holding hands.

Achieving something beautiful using donor eggs


My consultant was Dr Ali Al-Chami and he was excellent. What we really appreciated was his honesty: when we saw him, my fertility was low and he did not sugar-coat anything or offer us false hope. He laid out our options. At first, I was resistant to the idea of a donor egg but as I turned 43 during our 2 IUI treatments, we really did not have much hope if we wanted a baby.

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Small family holding a paper cutout of a family in their hands.

A happy ending to a difficult journey


Where do I start when I talk about CRGH, for us they have given us our beautiful family after 4 years of heartache from miscarriages and ectopics. From our first visit back in 2016 when we got pregnant with our daughter all the staff were fantastic, so friendly, reassuring and provided endless support.

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Egg Freezing.

An introduction to Egg Freezing


Women embark on egg freezing for a variety of reasons – they may be single, wish to prioritise their career, not ready to start a family due to various constraints, or about to embark on medical treatment that may result in infertility. Egg Freezing presents a way to expand your options later in life.

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Family holding hands with their child with a heart in their hands.

My Egg Donation Journey


My egg donation journey began in the summer of 2020, initially I was unsure if I would even be able to donate due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The donation team at CRGH were very quick to respond to my initial query and booked me in for a telephone consultation with one of the doctors.

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