Every fertility journey is a unique and remarkable story. Here you can read some of our patients stories and understand how the Centre for Reproductive Health was able to help.
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Patient Stories


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How Does the Egg Donor Matching Process Work?

The egg donor matching process has changed the lives of many families so far. By becoming an egg donor, you have the chance to help others create the family they have been dreaming of.

Read About Our Egg Donor Matching Process
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Fertility Assessments: Understand your reproductive health

Fertility Assessments are even more valuable. By undergoing a quick and easy assessment you can give yourself the peace of mind that everything is functioning as it should be.

Learn More About Fertility Assessments
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Treatment Tips – Coping with Anxiety

Our inhouse Patient Support Manager and Fertility Counsellor, Debbie Howe, explores anxiety during fertility treatment and shares some tips for coping with that anxiety.

Read Our Guide On Managing Treatment Anxiety
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Starting your fertility journey can be intimidating, with new procedures and medical jargon to understand. Our informative guides will help you with your fertility treatment research. You can also book an open evening with us or get in touch with our team to ask specific questions.

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