Proudly Pioneering Fertility Treatment for LGBTQ+ Couples

Find LGBTQ+ and same-sex fertility treatment options for your unique family with The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health. If you or your partner are transgender, please see our dedicated page on fertility treatments for transgender patients.
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Our commitment to clinical excellence ensures you always receive the very best care, whatever your goals might be.


CRGH have always been at the forefront of pioneering fertility options for LGBTQ+ couples. Every family looks different and, at CRGH, our outstanding treatments are the perfect way to start a family.

Our commitment to clinical excellence ensures you always receive the very best care, every step of the way. Whether starting a family through donor-assisted IVF, shared motherhood or surrogacy treatment, CRGH provides a wide range of inclusive treatment options.

Every journey starts with an initial consultation with a consultant of your choice.

Fertility Options for LGBTQ+ Couples

Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive fertility clinic experience has always been a key value for CRGH, and we can offer a variety of fertility treatments to help LGBTQ+ couples build their family. We can also support same-sex couples with fertility investigations to identify the best options for a successful pregnancy.

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In-vitro fertilisation, or IVF, involves the removal of eggs from the ovaries so that they can be combined with sperm in a laboratory.

Learn more about IVF with donor sperm and IVF with donor eggs.

For same-sex female couples, shared motherhood is another IVF option that allows both mothers to be physically and emotionally involved in the process.

Learn more about IVF
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Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, involves placing sperm directly into the womb of the person who will carry the pregnancy.

Learn more about IUI treatment
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LGBTQ+ couples, including same sex male couples, may not be able to carry a pregnancy themselves and may require surrogacy treatment. With a surrogate, LGBTQ+ couples can use IVF to create a family of their own.

Learn more about surrogacy with CRGH.
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Private Fertility Clinic for LGBTQ+ Couples

Many of our patients choose private fertility care as the most suitable option for their family.

Working with a private fertility clinic like CRGH allows you and your partner to take control of your fertility journey, receive the best possible care every step of the way and work with our team to find bespoke fertility treatments.

If you have any questions about the fertility options for LGBTQ+ couples or if you would like to discuss your unique circumstances, please get in touch with our team, book a consultation or sign up for our next open evening below.

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Upcoming Online Open Evening

We believe in providing inclusivity and support, ensuring that information about fertility treatment options is made available to everyone. CRGH open evenings are designed to provide an informal, informative introduction to fertility treatment and preservation while also providing ample detail and insight into the more technical aspects that make CRGH an industry-leading clinic.


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