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Egg donors are unique and remarkable women. By donating eggs, donors enable many couples to achieve their dream of a family of their own.

Many individuals will require the assistance of an egg donor in order to create their family. This can be for several reasons and factors including medical such as premature infertility or for same sex male couples who may require the use of an egg donor and surrogate. We work hard to ensure the egg donation procedure is as easy and convenient as possible.

By donating eggs in the UK you will help those who really need it. There remains a shortage of egg donors in the UK however and more and more recipients require the help of an egg donor in order to create their families. The CRGH Egg Bank is fortunate to be able to help many of our patients on the journey into parenthood. We require your help so we can continue to be able to provide everyone the opportunity to become a parent.


Donating to the Egg Bank at CRGH

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have been helping people to become parents via egg donation since CRGH first opened, over 30 years ago.

Our excellent success rates improve the prospect of your eggs helping someone create their family and our dedicated donation team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way throughout the process. You will receive the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) regulated compensation of up to £750 per egg donation procedure and all other medical costs will be covered by CRGH.


The Egg Donation Process

Our dedicated Egg Donation Team will be with you every step of the way to ensure the donation process is as convenient as possible. But how does egg donation work? A typical process includes:


This one-to-one appointment with a doctor will be conducted via video and go through the process of donating eggs and answer any questions you may have. You will then be introduced to one of our Donation Nurses who will be one hand throughout your egg donation process to help with everything from consent forms to booking scans.



We will arrange a virtual counselling session with our dedicated Fertility Counsellor which will give you the opportunity to discuss the ethical, legal and social aspects of donating eggs in the UK and to ensure you fully understand the egg donation procedure. 


Scans & Tests

Once your cycle starts, we will again guide you through the process and arrange your scans to monitor your response to the stimulation medication that you will administer. Dependant on where you are in the UK, these scans can be carried out at CRGH or at a clinic closer to you. Our donation coordinator will arrange this for you. Most donors require approximately 4 scans over a 2 week period which we will try to arrange at times which suits you. Because we are committed to minimising travel, we are one of the best clinics for donating eggs in the UK.


Egg Collection

Once your scans show that you are ready for the egg collection, we will carry out the procedure for you. This takes place in our theatre at CRGH, London. We will bring you in, go through the process with you and perform the egg collection under sedation. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes. You will require a recovery period in the clinic before going home. Typically, you will have your period within 3-10 days of the procedure.


After Donation

After donating your eggs you’ll be entitled to find out if any babies are born as a result, the year they’re born in, and whether they’re a boy or girl. You can also write a brief goodwill message, which can be given to those children when they turn 18. Most of all you can feel happy in the knowledge that you’ve just helped someone’s dream of a family come true.

Frequently asked questions

Meet the Egg Donation Team

We’re fortunate to work with remarkable egg donors. Thanks to these women, even more patients are able to achieve their dream of a family. We have a dedicated egg donation team who are on hand every step of the way to ensure the donation process is smooth and easy. Our Donation Team are passionate about working hand-in-hand with our donors to contribute to this incredible cause. Meet the Egg Donation team below:

Marta Woznicka – Marta is the Egg Donation Co-Ordinator and the first point of contact on the team. Marta works to make sure every donor’s treatment is tailored around them and as smooth as possible. As the first person you will speak to in your donation journey, Marta is excellent at answering questions about the process and what to expect. During an introductory call, Marta will help to arrange your initial appointment with the Doctor and Nurses who make up the rest of the Egg Donation team.

Sofia Oliveira – Sofia is the Lead Donation nurse. Working closely alongside the Doctor, Sofia ensures all the clinical aspects of the donation process are clear and straightforward for our donors. Originally from Portugal, Sofia speaks Spanish and Portuguese as well as English, and enjoys helping our donors from all backgrounds contribute to a truly amazing cause through egg donation.

Eva Georgiou – Eva is the Egg Donation nursing associate. Alongside Marta and Sofia, Eva is responsible for making sure the entire donation process (from initial conversation through to final appointment) is smoothly coordinated. Eva will work closely with you to explain everything from medication through to consent forms. In particular, Eva enjoys sharing the sense of achievement our donors feel having given such a precious gift.

Dr Ali Al Chami – Dr Al Chami is the lead consultant for Egg Donation at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health. Dr Al Chami is an experienced fertility consultant who has helped countless patients achieve their dream of a family throughout his career. By turning his attention to egg donation, Dr Al Chami hopes to help even more patients to make that dream a reality. Dr Al Chami meets personally with our Egg Donors and will always go the extra mile to ensure you have all the information you need. 


SEED Trust logoFor more information about becoming an egg donor and the process of egg donation, the SEED trust have a number of resources including videos of egg donors sharing accounts of their journeys and experience. CRGH actively supports the work of the SEED trust, the charity working with others to provide information and raise awareness of donation in the UK.
For more information please visit The Seed Trust.

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