Exciting new research project needs you!

UCL’s Institute for Women’s Health are working on a research project about gamete donation. If you have had donor treatment or donated your eggs/sperm then please spare 3 minutes to complete an anonymous survey.

This study is aiming DNAto explore awareness of and attitudes towards genomic testing. In recent years, there has been an increase in at-home genetic tests (such as 23andMe) that allow individuals to explore their genetic information as well as information about a person’s biological ancestry. This is relevant to donor-conception because it can enable an individual who is donor-conceived to find out more about their heritage and their biological relatives.

Upon completion on the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw, for a chance to win one of three £100 Amazon vouchers for taking part and sharing your views. Even more so, you will be helping to make a difference to the advice given to people contemplating donor-conception.

Take the anonymous survey here