LGBT Mummies and CRGH

Providing support and guidance to LGBT+ people and couples looking to start a family.

About LGBT Mummies

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CRGH and LGBT Mummies have been proud partners over the last couple of years – helping to provide support and guidance to LGBT+ people and couples looking to start a family.

LGBT Mummies are instrumental in ensuring CRGH is the best care provider to LGBT+ fertility patients. By working closely with LGBT Mummies, CRGH has been able to ensure that our language and processes are as inclusive as possible. We share the common goal of achieving parity for LGBT+ people, both in terms of ease of access and also quality of care.

The LGBT Mummies Story

LGBT Mummies was founded by married couple Laura-Rose and Stacey who, with CRGH’s help, started their own family in 2013. LGBT Mummies now offer support and guidance to LGBT+ people undergoing fertility treatment at CRGH.

LGBT Mummies now has a following of more than 23,000 people on social media and work with organisations including Tommy’s, The Miscarriage Association and Stonewall. By partnering with LGBT Mummies, CRGH further our commitment to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to start a family, without exception.

In December 2020 LGBT Mummies announced their third CRGH pregnancy. We’re thrilled to continue working with LGBT Mummies in 2022 and many years to come.

LGBT Mummies and CRGH Patients

Laura-Rose and Stacey are always happy to help CRGH patients as they navigate the fertility journey. Having had first hand experience of fertility treatment, LGBT Mummies know exactly the support and advice which is required for LGBT patients undergoing their own journey. Additionally, the LGBT Mummies join CRGH to co-host open evenings which cater specifically to LGBT patients.