How CRGH Has Created an Inclusive Fertility Clinic


An Inclusive Fertility Clinic You Can Rely On

We provide an inclusive environment for your journey to ensure every patient has the best possible chance of success, without exception.

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At the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, we are committed to providing the best bespoke treatment crafted for each patient’s individual needs.

As part of our values and dedication to providing truly bespoke care, we’re devoted to creating an environment that’s absolutely inclusive. We aim to make any patient visiting our clinic for any reason feel supported and cared for.


How CRGH Has Striven Towards an Inclusive Fertility Clinic

Our team works hard to ensure that anyone considering undergoing fertility treatments feels welcome and confident enough to start or grow their dream family. This is why we have implemented key features that have helped us strive towards becoming an inclusive fertility clinic.

These include:

  • Our team

We believe that our team should be as diverse as our patients. We commit to providing equal opportunities to every employee, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or sexuality—this diversity ensures we can offer the same inclusivity to our patients.

By creating a team that truly reflects our patients, we can provide outstanding, empathetic care without exception. We also invest in inclusivity training across all our teams to ensure we’re up to date with best practices.

  • Our treatment options

Our founding principle is to provide the best possible chance of success to every patient, without exception. To do so we have created a range of treatment options that cater to every patient type, tailored to each individual’s needs.

“Fertility treatment” no longer just means IVF; we offer a huge range of treatment types from IUI through to shared motherhood, from treatment with donor sperm through to surrogacy.

Most importantly, we have highly trained and dedicated teams responsible for guiding you through each treatment journey step-by-step. Our expert understanding of less common treatment types means our patients always know they’re in the best hands.

  • Support and partnerships

We have nurtured a unique set of internal teams and external partners to support all of our patients, regardless of their situation. These relationships help create inclusivity on two fronts: we can improve our services based on first-hand feedback and connect our patients with people in similar situations.

For example, our long-running partnerships with TwoDadsUK and LGBT Mummies provide unparalleled insight into the challenges that LGBTQ+ people face on their journey to parenthood.

Similarly, our in-house well-being team has been created specifically to support the emotional aspects of fertility treatment. For those trying to conceive using donated eggs or sperm or via a surrogate, our well-being team can provide counselling and support.

  • Education and advocacy

Our inclusive fertility clinic is committed to raising awareness about fertility issues and advocating for the rights of all individuals to access fertility care. We provide the support and information needed to empower patients to get started on their fertility journey and promote reproductive health equity.


Examples of Fertility Inclusivity

CRGH is:

·       A Fat-Positive Fertility Clinic

Our teams are committed to providing inclusive and compassionate care for individuals of all body types. Our consultants are trained to understand the unique challenges individuals with diverse body sizes face, and will discuss your fertility options with you.

This reinforces our dedication to providing personalised fertility treatment that respects and empowers each person’s journey.

·     A Single Patient Inclusive Fertility Clinic

CRGH not only treats same-sex and heterosexual couples, but also single patients wanting to pursue parenthood on their own. Whether you are a single female, male, or other, our highly experienced team is here to support you every step of the way.

We aim to provide single patients with what they require, from detailed fertility assessments to tailored treatment plans, regardless of relationship status.

·     A Same-Sex Inclusive Fertility Clinic

More same-sex couples than ever before are starting the journey towards parenthood. By creating a truly inclusive environment, we believe we can make that journey even more welcoming.

Whether you are a same-sex female or same-sex male couple, our team can provide you with customised care to meet your unique needs and preferences. We have many options available for same-sex couples, ensuring all patients feel supported as they embark on their journey to parenthood.

·     A Trans and Non-Binary Inclusive Fertility Clinic

Our team understands that family-building is unique and that navigating fertility treatment as a trans or non-binary person can present challenges. This is why we provide inclusive support and treatments for transgender and non-binary patients that respect gender identity and expression.

From fertility preservation to assisted reproduction options, we can offer personalised plans to address specific goals.


Get In Touch With CRGH Today

At CRGH, we know that inclusivity is an ongoing process; as the landscape of fertility treatment continues to change, so will we. Ensuring we provide an inclusive environment for your journey is essential to ensuring every patient has the best possible chance of success, without exception.

If you are interested in discussing your needs further with our inclusive fertility clinic, we’d love for you to get in touch with us.

Please feel free to book an initial consultation to discover our team’s capabilities of supporting you. Additionally, for more valuable insights, please check out our upcoming events and read about our outstanding success rates in more detail.

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