Growing Families UK and EU Event – April 21st, 2024


Growing Families annual 21 April UK/EU information day brings together IPs, parents and experts from around the globe.

We assist hundreds of parents each year to engage safely in international surrogacy. However the landscape has become increasingly fraught with problems, and while there are reliable pathways, they require careful planning. Access to the latest independent advice is vital and can save tens of thousands and much heartache.

With over ten years running such education, Growing Families know there is no replacement for face-to-face contact with experts and parents, when it comes to such a complex and important topic as surrogacy.

Program and Tickets available here.

The day will cover vital issues to consider in regard to safety, cost management, legal contracts, parental recognition, new programs and much more. There will be professionals from the US, Canada, Georgia, UK, Argentina, Greece, France, Ghana, Cyprus, Ireland, Germany and India on hand to provide advice on the day.

The day will provide answers to questions such as:
· How can I control costs?
· What are the options re shipping sperm or embryos?
· What donor options are possible?
· What countries are set to open or close their surrogacy programs in the next 12 months and why?
· What changes are imminent in India, Thailand, Georgia, Cyprus and elsewhere?
· How can I minimise my time away from home after a foreign birth?
· How can I ensure I am with an ethical, trustworthy agency?

Given this is a once-yearly opportunity, if you, your friends or acquaintances are looking at a surrogacy pathway, or on a current journey, please check out the EVENT DETAILS here. Note places are limited to 55 persons.