Amy’s ICSI Success Story


Our IVF with ICSI Success Story

We’re thrilled to share an ICSI IVF success story from one of our patients who welcomed two little miracles – a baby girl in 2021 and a baby boy in 2023. Read on to see how IVF with ICSI helped Amy and her husband on their journey to parenthood.

One couple’s ICSI IVF success story

My husband and I started trying for a baby in 2017 and, after three years, were finally approved for NHS funding for IVF after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Even though I had PCOS, tests showed I was still ovulating, so in theory could still fall pregnant, although this never happened.

We were so pleased with our treatment at CRGH. All of the staff on reception, our consultant Dr Duran, the nurses, the embryologists everyone we dealt with were so helpful, supportive and compassionate. Everything was so organised, so well explained; we felt in such good hands. We were lucky to get 13 beautiful embryos during our first cycle. Unfortunately, our first fresh transfer resulted in a chemical pregnancy, and we were devastated. We started a frozen embryo transfer cycle soon after, then covid hit, so we had to cancel our cycle as the clinic had to temporarily close.

As soon as it was allowed to open, we started straight away. Luckily, this transfer worked, and we were ecstatic, although very cautious. This transfer resulted in our beautiful daughter Margot, who was born in March 2021. She is absolutely amazing, so funny and kind, a very special little girl.

ICSI Journey

Challenges followed by IVF success

In October 2022, we sadly suffered a miscarriage at nine weeks after a miracle natural pregnancy.

In April 2023, we went back to CRGH for a private frozen embryo transfer cycle using one of our 11 remaining embryos. We were so surprised but elated when we tested positive! Pregnancy after loss is extremely nervewracking, but our gorgeous baby boy Teddy was born in December 2023, and our family is now complete.

We are so lucky that ICSI worked for us, and we have two amazing children. We owe it all to the science and to the talented staff at CRGH. We recommended CRGH to close friends who also had success after failed rounds at another clinic.

Going from a family of 3 to 4 has been a bit of a shock, but it’s amazing seeing Margot with her little brother — she is completely besotted! Life is harder and busier than ever now, but our hearts are full, and we can’t wait to put infertility and loss behind us, enjoy our miracles, and give them the best lives.

“We owe it all to the science and to the talented staff at CRGH. We recommended CRGH to close friends who also had success after failed rounds at another clinic.”

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