IVF with PGD Success Story


Samatha and Wayne’s IVF with PGD Success Story

In this PGD with IVF success story, you can explore Samatha and Wayne’s journey to parenthood, in which the dedication of our outstanding fertility experts resulted in the much-longed-for arrival of not one, not two, but three beautiful baby daughters!

“In 2014, my husband and I were getting married and planning on starting a family. My husband has a genetic condition called Charcot Marie Tooth (a condition that damages the peripheral nerves), and he was adamant that he didn’t want to pass this on to any children we had. 

“We got referred to our local hospital, and Wayne underwent several appointments to determine the extent of his condition, family history, etc. We were then told we could be seen for IVF with PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) at a hospital in London, CRGH, which is a three-hour drive away. An appointment was made, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Our first appointment with CRGH was back in October 2014. After a lot of consultations, investigations, and injections, I had my first egg collection. They managed to collect eight eggs and then, we waited to hear back as to how many embryos were formed. Unfortunately, by day six, we were told that none of our embryos were suitable for the transfer.

I was more careful with my diet and sleep the second time, and 12 eggs were collected, and one embryo was healthy enough to be transferred. Plans were made and a new treatment schedule was given to prep for a FET. We tested pregnant and had a healthy baby girl, Poppy, in August 2016, two years after our first appointment. We didn’t want to leave it here and wanted more children.


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“In October 2017, we got more eggs collected but there were no suitable embryos for transfer. In October 2018, we wanted to try for the last time, and we decided that if this didn’t turn out well, then we were lucky enough to have had one child; we were selffunding and needless to say, the process is very expensive. Ten eggs were collected, and two embryos were suitable for transfer. We transferred one embryo and had our girl, Molly, in July 2019.

“We had one embryo left in storage for which we paid annual fees. Time was ticking, and we were fast approaching our late 30s, so we had to decide what to do with this embryo, as it seemed mad to keep paying for storage. We were more than happy having our two girls, two babies we never thought we would have, but we both had this niggling feeling that we had to try for the third, or at least give it a good chance. The transfer was done in September 2022, the day after the Queen’s funeral, and our third baby girl, Nelle, was born in May 2023.

“We didn’t tell anyone we were going through IVF; it wasn’t out of shame, but I didn’t want the pressure of people asking how it was going. Some days, I just felt exhausted from the stress of it all, and it was hard to mask it. My advice would be to talk. Find someone you can talk to about what you are going through; I have no doubt it’ll feel like a weight is lifted. It is so hard when all you want is a baby, and you love it when they are just a hope. I tell as many people as I can about CRGH and how they helped us have children in the hope that it may help other people who are in the same situation.”

IVF with PGD

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“I tell as many people as I can about CRGH and how they helped us have children in the hope that it may help other people who are in the same situation.”

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