IVF Patient Story: Sophie and Ben


Sophie and Ben’s IVF Story

In this IVF patient story, you can follow Sophie and Ben’s to parenthood: not one but two beautiful babies. Read on to explore how fertility experts here at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health helped this couple achieve their dream of a family.

“When we got our date for egg collection, I was so nervous. I felt all this was what we had been working towards for weeks/months, and the pressure really was on, but I felt like I needed to keep positive. When we then made transfer day with three blastocysts, I felt relieved but knew we still had a long journey ahead of us.

“I was sedated at transfer, and then I remember feeling super sleepy after, but determined to get McDonald’s fries on route home (an IVF thing that is supposed to help implantation). I was willing to do anything to help these little embabies stick.

“The next few weeks felt like years, and the two-week wait was very tense, but when I saw a slight line on a pregnancy test, I think it was then I really started to believe this could be for real.

“And how lucky we were, these two little embabies stuck with us, and I still some days can’t believe they are mine.

“My experience during IVF at CRGH was amazing. I felt I was in the best hands I could be, and I felt I was guided well. The support from nurses, doctors, and admin staff was there, and I felt so safe there. I will be forever grateful to everyone at CRGH for making our dreams come true.”

“I will be forever grateful to everyone at CRGH for making our dreams come true.”

Sophie and Ben's IVF babies at the beach

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Sophie and Ben with their IVF babies.