At CRGH we have been helping couples to create their families through surrogacy for a number of years. We have a specialist team with a wide range of expertise who are dedicated to helping you on your journey into parenthood. The following information outlines the pathway for you as Intended Parents (IPs)

IPs will be seen at the clinic by a fertility specialist to discuss the surrogacy treatment and arrangement. If both intended fathers wish to use their gametes (sperm) then we will perform a semen analysis and culture for both, at this appointment we will also discuss the use of donor eggs. At CRGH we have a very successful egg donor programme and we have a donor egg bank on site so we are able to offer you either frozen eggs from our bank or to be matched with a fresh egg donor for your treatment.

Information will also be provided about the next steps including screening and investigations, documents that we require in order to proceed, implications counselling, where to go for further information and legal advice. At CRGH we have teamed up with some reputable family law specialists who will be able to provide advice and assist you on your journey.

At CRGH, we offer host surrogacy as a treatment option for male couples wishing to create their family. Host surrogacy is when embryos are created in vitro (IVF) and transferred into the uterus of the surrogate using the sperm of at least one IP, plus the gametes of an egg donor. This is often the preferred method for Intended Parents who have not yet found their surrogate. At CRGH, we will create embryos in vitro and freeze them until you have found your surrogate or until you are ready to start the transfer cycle. Frozen embryo transfer cycles for surrogacy can take place in a completely natural cycle or with the use of medication.

The Ultimate Guide to Same Sex Gay Surrogacy

You may like to read and download our ‘Surrogacy for Gay Couples: The Ultimate Guide‘ – to give you answers to commonly asked questions and address challenges gay couples face when trying to have children of their own – all in one easy to read downloadable guide.

The CRGH surrogacy journey to parenthood is shown below and on our infographic:

Initial consultation

Initial consultation with a fertility specialist to discuss the treatment and surrogacy arrangement.

Next Steps

Information provided to the IPs and the surrogate by the surrogacy coordinator outlining the treatment discussed and the next steps including information regarding implications counselling.

Appointment with CRGH nurse and the Surrogacy Coordinator

A nurse consultation appointment with the surrogacy coordinator to explain the treatment plan and regime, ensure that all screening and investigations are in place, that all required consents and documents are in place forms including the HFEA (Human fertilisation and embryology Authority) surrogacy legal parenthood consents, supporting both IPs’ legal parenthood status for when the parental order is applied for. At this appointment, the timeline for treatment will also be provided outlining the treatment stages and processes.

CRGH Same Sex Surrogacy infographic


Treatment begins and the IPs and their surrogate will attend a number of appointments (over a 2-3-week period) with us for scans and to meet with the fertility nurses to discuss the next steps.

More information on the treatment will be provided to you by your dedicated team of specialists

  • The eggs are fertilised with the sperm of the IP in the laboratory and embryos are created. Intended fathers often decide to each fertilise 50% of the eggs with each of their sperm so that both have a genetic link to their children. We will transfer the embryos created with one IP’s sperm in a cycle and store the embryos created with the partners sperm for future use.
  • An embryo transfer will then take place for the surrogate

Approximately 2 weeks after an embryo transfer, we will ask that you carry out a pregnancy test and then the fertility nurses will provide information on the next steps for you depending on the results.

At CRGH, we feel that it is extremely important that the IPs and surrogates are involved in the treatment process from start to end and we will ensure that (wherever possible) you will be seen together, especially at the crucial times of embryo transfer.

Further information

For more information about using an egg donor in your surrogacy treatment please visit the HFEA and Donor Conception Network websites

Further information about surrogacy and your next steps can be found by visiting the Surrogacy UK website

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