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The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health is proud to bring our outstanding care and success rates even closer to home. Our purpose built clinic in the heart of Canterbury makes the treatment journey that much easier for the people of Kent and South East England.

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CRGH fertility treatment room with an examination table and fertility treatment technology, based in Cantebury.

Outstanding care, closer to home

By offering our outstanding care and success rates closer to home, we believe we can make the treatment journey more comfortable and convenient for our patients, without compromising on quality. Our Canterbury clinic is supported by the expertise, organisation and laboratory of our London flagship, but significantly reduces the frequency with which our patients will need to travel into London. 

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Ms Anastasia Goumenou

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CRGH Canterbury is led by highly experienced fertility consultant Ms Anastasia Goumenou. Ms Goumenou trained in Greece, London and West Midlands until she was appointed as an NHS consultant in gynaecology and reproductive medicine and surgery at in 2012. She is the lead clinician of fertility services at the East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust, and lead doctor for CRGH in Kent.
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How does it work

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CRGH Canterbury is a “satellite clinic” which means there are some aspects of the treatment journey which need to take place in the main CRGH London clinic.

We ensure that as much of your treatment as possible is conducted in Canterbury, reducing the need for travel to London; this usually includes all consultations, scans/blood tests and nurse appointments. Appointments which happen at CRGH London usually include egg collection and embryo transfer, as these require use of the laboratory and theatre.

Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the typical pathway for patients at CRGH Canterbury.

Where to find us?

CRGH Canterbury
31 St George's Pl
Canterbury CT1 1UT

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