Carrot Fertility and CRGH

Pioneering fertility treatment as an employment benefit

In 2021, CRGH joined an exciting new partnership with pioneering Fertility Benefit provider, Carrot. Carrot help the employees of some of the world’s best known brands to access fertility treatment as part of their employment benefits, and have chosen CRGH as their care provider in the UK.

Carrot’s VP of Global Solutions Mikayla Johnson commented on the partnership: “Carrot and CRGH are united in the belief that fertility care should be designed to meet the unique needs of each individual, which in turn results in healthier clinical outcomes. We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with CRGH. The UK has a large and growing population of Carrot members which makes this partnership especially impactful as we work to help multinational customers achieve benefits parity around the world.”

Jonathon Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer at CRGH, added: “CRGH are delighted to partner with Carrot Fertility and be able to provide excellent fertility care to an even wider range of patients. We are committed to ensuring every patient is able to achieve their goals, from assessing or preserving their fertility through to starting or growing a family. By partnering with Carrot Fertility, CRGH are making this a reality for Carrot members throughout the UK.”

We look forward to welcoming Carrot members to the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health