Donor Conception Network and CRGH

A partnership to offer social and emotional support to those using a donor to build their family.

CRGH is a longstanding partner and supporter of Donor Conception Network, recognising the charity’s value and importance in providing social and emotional support to those using a donor to build their family, now and in the future. Founded in 1993, Donor Conception Network is a parent-led and child-centred organisation offering support with the emotional and social issues that arise using donor conception. Using a donor isn’t the same as having IVF with your own sperm, eggs or embryos: there are important additional things to consider when a child doesn’t share a parent’s genetic make-up. Talking things through with people who understand is invaluable, not just at the treatment stage but over the long term. Parents can get ongoing help and guidance. Children can grow up knowing there’s a place where they can meet others conceived ‘just like them’, ask questions or explore what donor conception means to them. This is enormously important in building confidence and supporting families through any challenges they may face.


The Donor Conception Network story

The Network was started 30 years ago by five families with children conceived using sperm donation. They decided, against the advice of the day, to be honest with their children about how they were conceived. They wanted to come together to break the isolation felt by so many using donor conception and support each other in their decision to be open. Since those early days, the charity now welcomes those using egg, double or embryo donation, sometimes also involving surrogacy.  We have always been inclusive and have books, workshops and groups specifically for same-sex couples, single people and heterosexual couples, as well as for all family types. As children have grown up within the Network we have developed resources for different age groups, and continue to support the parents of older children and adults. Many of our original members are now grandparents! We focus on openness as this can be one of the most challenging topics, and welcome families who are just exploring whether or not openness with their children and others is right for them as well as those who have already made this decision

Donor Conception Network and CRGH patients

CRGH and Donor Conception Network work together closely to ensure that patients considering or using donor conception to build their family are fully supported in every way.  We’re always happy to help, and many patients contact us initially via our dedicated weekday helpline, 020 7278 2608. We’re here to provide whatever support and guidance you need and point you in the right direction for any further resources, from the wealth of information on our website to our books, workshops, events and the many opportunities to connect with others, should you wish to join us as a member. We can also signpost you to other organisations we work with, depending on your individual questions or concerns.