The Ribbon Box and CRGH

A partnership at the heart of the fertility community.

CRGH and The Ribbon Box have forged a partnership that brings the Ribbon Box’s audience the insight and expertise of our Consultants and Nurses, while also providing our patients with the support and guidance of the Fertility Help Hub Network.

The Ribbon Box are at the very core of the “Trying to Conceive ” community. By providing information, support and insight from some of the world’s best fertility experts, the Ribbon Box aims to make the fertility journey easier for anyone undertaking it. In 2021 the Ribbon Box and CRGH partnered to provide free IVF to a couple who had been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then the Ribbon Box and CRGH have worked together on countless projects to provide support and expertise beyond the CRGH patient network and across the Trying to Conceive community as a whole.

The Ribbon Box Story

The Ribbon Box was created by Eloise after her own fertility journey. Having undergone IVF with donor sperm to overcome her husband’s male factor infertility, Eloise found more and more of her friends, and then friends of friends, coming to ask for her advice and to hear her story. Inspired by being able to help others on what had felt to her like a lonely journey, Eloise started the Ribbon Box as a way to help everyone on their fertility journey. Since then the Ribbon Box has expanded to one of the biggest networks for fertility related support, information and expertise.

The Ribbon Box and CRGH patients

Eloise is always happy to speak with and support CRGH patients on their own fertility journey. Sometimes, having someone non-clinical to talk to, who has been through their own fertility experience, can be hugely reassuring. CRGH and the Ribbon Box also work together to ensure we’re always providing the very best treatment and expertise to our patients. The Ribbon Box can also be a very useful resource for those looking for additional information on non-clinical aspects, such as nutrition and lifestyle.