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*These items are designated as add-ons by the HFEA; treatments where the evidence of effectiveness is encouraging in some clinical scenarios but is not yet conclusive. These treatments are only recommended by us for specific groups of patients; your doctor will explain the evidence base to help you make an informed decision.

CRGH is committed to clinical excellence and bespoke fertility care. At the beginning of treatment, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of estimated costs, based on your personal treatment plan. The price list below sets out the costs of common treatments, investigations, and services as an illustration. If you would like further details please contact us.

Please note that the HFEA charge an £85 registration fee when a patient first begins treatment. This charge is not included in the prices below.

Consultations & Pre-Treatment Investigations

Initial Consultation £230
Virology Screening (HIV, HEP B, Hep C) £150 (per partner)
Semen Analysis £150
Semen Culture £80
Ultrasound Scan with follicle count £320
Ovarian Reserve Test  £510

IVF Treatment

Prices include unlimited monitoring scans, nurse appointments, theatre, sedation, egg collection, embryology and fresh transfer, but do not include investigations, blood tests, medication and blastocyst.

IVF Treatment Cycle (stimulated) £3,675
IVF Medication Costs (estimated) £600 – £2,250
IVF Natural Cycle (including ICSI) £3,875
ICSI (If required) £1,300

Egg and Embryo Freezing

Prices include unlimited monitoring scans, nurse appointments, theatre, sedation, egg collection and cryopreservation. It excludes doctor consultations, tests, medications, and egg/embryo storage.

IVF Embryo Freezing £3,875
IVF Medication Costs (estimated) £600 – £2,250
Egg Freezing Cycle £3,250
Secure2™ Two Egg Freezing Cycles Package £5,750
Secure3™ Three Egg Freezing Cycles Package £7,500

Further information on Secure™

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Frozen Embryo Transfer £2,450

Includes unlimited monitoring scans, thaw, and transfer.


IVF Treatment With Frozen Donor Eggs

Price includes frozen donor eggs from our egg bank, unlimited scans for recipient, nurse appointments, assisted hatching and semen washing but excludes blastocyst culture and ICSI, IMSI and transfer.

Egg Recipient IVF Cycle £10,500 – £15,500

IVF Treatment with Fresh Donor Eggs

Price includes full cost of treatment for the donor, unlimited monitoring scans for the recipient, nurse appointments, assisted hatching and semen washing, but excludes transfer and ICSI.

Egg Recipient IVF Cycle (using known donor eggs) £10,500

Intra-Uterine Insemination

Includes unlimited monitoring scans, nurse appointments, semen washing, and one insemination.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) £950
CRGH Donor Sperm Per Vial £800

Freezing and Storage

Egg/Embryo Cryopreservation Preparation £400
Sperm Cryopreservation Preparation £400
Sperm/Eggs/Embryos Storage (per year) £350

Genetic Testing

These charges are in addition to IVF treatment. Prices vary according to the number of embryos tested.

PGD – Chromosome Re-Arrangement from £3,500
PGD – Single Gene from £4,995
Aneuploidy Screening (PGS)* from £3,150
CarrierMatch™ Testing for Genetic Disorders  £1,750

Other Procedures

Blastocyst Culture £600
Time-lapse* £750
ICSI £1300
IMSI* £650

IVF Packages With Access Fertility

IVF Packages With Access Fertility
CRGH is partnering with Access Fertility to offer a series of IVF programmes and packages. For more information please click below.

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