Faster Recipient Matching – IVF with Donor Eggs


Learn how we're matching patients to egg donors more quickly than ever.

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There are lots of reasons why you might need donated eggs in your fertility treatment, and you must be able to find those donated eggs as quickly as possible so you can move forward in the process without delay. We’re proud to announce a new partnership that exclusively benefits patients at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, and ensures we can help you find donated eggs more quickly than ever before.


Rapid egg donor matching

To ensure as many people as possible can find a suitable donor and create a family of their own, we have created a new partnership which gives CRGH patients exclusive access to eggs donated at a leading clinic in Finland: Ovumia.

While the availability of donated eggs in the UK is limited, our partner clinic in Finland has a hugely successful egg donation program. In Finland, egg donation is a popular and relatively common act of kindness, thought of similarly to donating blood. This progressive attitude to donating eggs means there is an ample supply of donated eggs to which CRGH patients now have access.

While many factors determine exactly how long a recipient will need to wait for donated eggs, indications are that this new approach to egg donation is reducing the waiting time for all CRGH recipients. Some of our first recipients of Finnish donor eggs were matched in around two weeks – ensuring they could move forward with treatment in a time frame suited them, although this may increase slightly up to six weeks as the demand for eggs increases. The specific time is still dependent on the characteristics required (more on this below). 

By collaborating with Ovumia donors, we additionally decrease the waiting time for patients on the domestic CRGH pathway waiting list.

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How does the egg donor matching process differ with Finnish donor eggs?

Our intention was to ensure our new egg donation partnership was as simple for our patients as possible. With that in mind, we’ve kept the treatment process as similar as possible to our existing and very successful process for IVF with donor eggs.

Treatment starts with an initial consultation, usually followed by tests and investigations. The primary difference for patients making use of Finnish donated eggs is that the sperm being used will be frozen here at CRGH and transported to Finland. Once in Finland, the sperm will be used to create embryos with the donated eggs, which are then frozen and shipped back to CRGH for storage or transfer. 

One of the best things about how this new partnership has been created is that all communication is via CRGH, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Prices are also the same regardless of whether a patient chooses eggs donated in Finland or the UK. 


Let’s talk about your IVF journey

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