CRGH City – the newest member of the CRGH family


CRGH City - the newest member of the CRGH family

We are a dedicated and committed team who will offer you bespoke fertility management and “leave no stone unturned” to maximise your treatment outcome

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In January 2023 CRGH welcomed a new clinic to the group – CRGH City. This exciting expansion aims to provide even more patients with the opportunity to access convenient, outstanding fertility treatment. We’ve asked the Medical Director of CRGH City, as well as the Director of Embryology for CRGH UK to give an insight into the ways in which we’re investing in and improving the offering at CRGH City.

Founded in 1990 by Mr Paul Serhal with a prime motive to help people fulfil their dream of a family. Over the years, we have pioneered new treatments, technology and techniques to help carve a niche for the fertility treatment landscape. We have gathered a team of the most celebrated experts in the industry to provide our patients with the best possible chance of success, even in challenging cases. With our core values like  inclusivity, research, experience and support driving us through, we have helped over 12,000 patients achieve their dream of a family.

Keeping all our key values in mind, the newest member of the CRGH family, CRGH City was formed. The location of the CRGH City, near Farringdon station, was decided purposefully to be alongside London’s financial and business centre as well as nationwide transport links, making it convenient for patients. We continue to strive to ensure fertility treatment can fit around existing work and personal commitments.

We asked the Medical Director at CRGH City, Ms Jara Ben Nagi, what was being done to ensure the same outstanding standards of our well-established sister-clinic, CRGH Portland, at the newly formed CRGH City.

“At CRGH City, we are a dedicated and committed team who will offer you bespoke fertility management and “leave no stone unturned” to maximise your treatment outcome. The clinical and laboratory protocols have been aligned across CRGH sites to optimise your outcome. We will support you throughout your treatment journey, and we will always be available to meet your needs.” 

This commitment to bespoke care as well as end to end support is part of CRGH’s values, as is the relentless pursuit of even better success rates.

Suzanne Cawood, Director of Embryology at CRGH echoes Dr Ben Nagi’s thoughts, and gives more details on the developments being made in the laboratory.

“We have installed the latest state of the art technology and equipment at CRGH City which, alongside the excellent scientists will ensure the very best care for your embryos. CRGH Insight (our newest tool offering patients a real-time live view of their embryos) is being used at City to ensure bespoke and personalised care for each patient that enters our laboratory. Your gametes and embryos will receive attention from only the most skilled scientists and be housed in the latest equipment which is continuously monitored.”

“Comfortable, Caring and Convenient” are the values that CRGH City aims to provide every single patient. With the improvements already incorporated, as well as those still to come in the near future, we believe that CRGH City provides the very best care to all patients. 

We look forward to welcoming you to CRGH City. 


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