IVF Success Stories: Amy and Jackson’s Experience


Amy and Jackon’s IVF success story

In this IVF success story, you can discover Amy and Jackson’s journey to parenthood with the support of CRGH’s specialist team. We’re delighted to share that the couple welcomed their very own bundle of joy, Jaxon!

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for four years. We were unfortunately referred due to having a low AMH level and unexplained fertility. It must have been around March 2020 when the pandemic unfortunately hit, and the world was turned upside down. 

My husband and I just managed to get our CCG Funding in for our potential child. We waited for around two months before we finally had a consultation with our lovely consultant, Dr Seshadri, whom we have now known for three years.

Fastforward to our first egg collection in July 2020, and we only had one egg retrieved due to the positioning of my ovaries. This was a devastating experience as our one egg was our only hope. Thankfully, our miracle egg was frozen to day three, and it was saved. Unfortunately, our round didn’t end there. IVF is not a straightforward process; it can make you feel very emotional and disconnected with life. Another egg collection was performed in October 2020, and we had a day six blastocyst. Dr Seshadri decided that the best option for us would be to transfer both embryos and at a risk take our day three egg to day five, which thankfully made it despite the odds. On the 8th November of 2020, we finally had the news we had been waiting for: a positive!!

Fastforward to 23rd November 2020, we had two little heartbeats. Our prayers had been answered. Could this be our family, after all!?

Sadly, I had unfortunately lost an embryo on December 7th of December 2020. My heart was crushed. However, I was still thankful for our little miracle that was growing.

Finally, our baby boy, Jaxon, was born on 7th of July 2021. Our hearts were full.

We then decided to take a break from IVF as we didn’t have any embryos left. In July 2022, I opened communication to start another round, thinking this would be straightforward and we would soon be on our way to having a sibling. Oh, was I wrong! This was just the start of another complicated journey.

Challenges in the IVF journey

In October 2022, I completed another IVF round and, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Out of our four eggs that were collected, none made it through to a blastocyst they all arrested. We were absolutely devastated that this was a failed round altogether and all our money was a waste of time. After this news, we decided to take a few months off and realised this was the end of IVF.

After speaking with our consultant in January 2023, we decided to go ahead with two rounds of IUI despite a 10-20% chance. Sadly, even after the best efforts of both clinics, it failed, and we were back to square one. 

After a lot of consideration and our consultant’s professional judgement, I decided to do one last final egg collection, bearing in mind they might not be able to access my ovaries, and it really would be game over for us. We were offered to do donation treatments, but we couldn’t fund this. I had to perform an accessibility scan and a repeat AMH test, and we were all clear to start.


Successful egg collection

My egg collection came around on 14th of May 2023, and six eggs were collected, a great result for us, more than we could have expected. Three fertilised, and to everyone’s best efforts, we finally got one day five blastocysts.

It just goes to show that if you want something so much, there is always a chance. For anyone going through IVF, please be kind to yourself, look after yourself, and take as much time to reflect on what you are going through on your own or as a couple. It’s a very emotionally hard process.

Please also accept counselling and never be afraid to take it. I always thought having counselling meant that I was weak and couldn’t handle situations, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, you can never change a situation but only help control. I had a lovely lady called Nomy Cohen, and I would highly recommend her. She was a brilliant therapist and helped me through my darkest days. 

Good luck to anyone who is on this roller coaster of a journey. I wish you all the best.”

Our IVF Journey

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